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Problems OC'ing Duron 850

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Feb 12, 2001
I have my wife's computer currently running on an Abit KT7A-RAID w/ a Duron 850 on Win98se. Also inside is 256mb of Crucial PC133 CL2, a Voodoo5 agp, Hercules GTXP sound card, and a Linksys PCI networking card. Cooling is not a problem as the CPU has a FOP-38, as well as 4 80's and 1 120 panaflo's keeping things cool.

Basically if I try and OC it, even by upping the FSB to 101 with an 8.5 multiplier, it won't boot. The multiplier is unlocked as I have tried playing with that setting as well. The L7 bridges weren't played with so the default voltage is still the same (1.65 I believe).

Is there something I'm missing or just not doing right? Or is it the CPU just not wanting to OC?

Oh Ya...The BIOS is WW and its powered by a 431w Enermax.
Something is not right there. Are you certain you have the KT7A and not the KT7? That would be the only conceivable reason for having the problem. With my Duron 600, I can run it at 8x133 at 1.85V. Try upping the core voltage a little and see if it helps.

Well it better be the KT7A or I'll be pissed. Actually I'm pretty sure but I will double check again.