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Problems overclocking

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Jan 16, 2001
Ive got a Giga-byte 7xe board that only allows me to change the FSB. I purchased it with a duron 750. I've got it overclocked at 825 stable right now (110 FSB) when I change the FSB to 133 the machine sounds like its booting but I get no video. I thought the problem was with having pc100 ram, so i bought pc133 ram. But still I get the same problem, My video card is an ASUS geforce 2 mx (agp ) If you have any suggestions on why it's not working please let me know, I really dont want to make any changes to the chip its self.
Can you bump up the processor voltage? That would be your best bet for booting. You might also try changing the AGP divider from 1/3 to 1/4 and lower the card to AGPX1 or X2. More conservitive memory timing would also help your OC. However, I would not hold my breath on this one, getting 133MHz is a challenge.