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Problems symptomatic of a weak PSU?

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Mar 1, 2001
I am having several issues with my new TBird system. I have a DTK brand 300W PSU, but I'm wondering if it's enough to support my system. My symptoms are:

-system powers up when I hit the power button, but nothing comes up on the screen. Eventually if I reset the cmos via jumper, the system boots up on the screen and seems to boot in okay. If I choose to restart in Windows, it'll restart okay, but generally if I shut down all the way and then try to power back up, I get the problem with the machine powering up but nothing comes up on the screen.

- 3D games and benchmarks (ex. 3DMark2001) will crash after half an hour or so, either rebooting the system or hanging the system altogether. Programs like Prime95, burnp6, and Sandra don't seem to be bothered, as I've had them run 12+ hours each with no problems. UT, Q3A, and Half Life will all freeze or reboot the system after anywhere from 1-5 hours.

Here are my system specs:

TBird 1Ghz/266 on an IWill KK266 w/ 2 256MB PC133 CAS2 sticks of Crucial RAM, Creative Annihilator 2 Geforce 2 GTS, Creative Soundblaster Live! Value, Diamond Fireport 40, Intel Pro10/100 Management adapter, LinkSys 10/100 adapter, Maxtor 30GB 7200 RPM ATA66, WD 20GB 7200 RPM ATA100, Teac 4x24 SCSI CDR, Plextor 32x SCSI CDROM, Toshiba 12x IDE DVD, FOP38 cooler, 3 case fans, and in an Enlight mid-tower case.

I'm thinking this points right at a problem with my PSU not supplying enough juice, so I'm going to pick up a 300W Sparkle Power PSU from a local vendor today since it is on the AMD Approved list. Just wondering if anyone thinks that it could be anything else just in case this doesn't fix the problem.

what do your voltages look like? i had the same prob with my old psu: random locks, comp wouldnt start. I think a new psu will fix your prob. :)
Good luck.
Bah, I installed a Sparkle Power 300W AMD Approved PSU, pulled all the SCSI stuff in my system and threw it in another system, seems better, but still rebooted within 3 hours of starting 3DMark 2001 in a loop. This is annoying as hell, then again, it only happens when I run 3DMark 2001 for hours, which in the real world, I won't ever do. I ran Half Life w/ 32 bots for well over 15 hours and it didn't have a problem, and UT will run 12-13 hours before it has any problems, and then it doesn't crash the system, it just slows down alot. All the messing around I've done, the system could problably use a reinstall at this point, that might be causing some problems. I'm going to do a WinME/Win2K dual boot setup to see if I have the same problems in both OSs. I don't seem to be having the bootup problem anymore, so apparently the new PSU did something.