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Problems With a7va 133 raid0 and SoundBlaster Live

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New Member
Mar 30, 2001
Hiya folks iam no computer expert but i've recentely put together a new computer for my own personal use.
Iam running into a dead brick wall with this problem that iam encountering/.

I am using 2 7200rpm 45 gig IBM hard drive in raid0 mode on the A7v 133a Mother Board.
Everything was fine Until iinstall the sound card ( sound Blaster Live x-gamer 5.1), everytiem after i start windows me i would get a disk write error " unable to write to drive c: ....."

I really have no idea how to fixs this... please help me with thisby sending me email or if u need mroe specs just let me know by posting or emailing it to me.. thanks
I read somewhere that the SB16 conflits with the raid controller. Go to your device manager and disable the sb16 device. Your sound card will still work fine, It just disables the dos drivers which no one hardly uses anymore anyway. Good luck. You might also want to go to the website of the company that makes your raid controller like IE.. www.highpoint.com I bet they would have the answer for ya.
or you could REM out the sound blaster lines in you autoexec.bat. Stoping them from loading and causing the confliction.
sounds to me like his sound card is in the slot that is shared with his RAID controler

try slot 2 and see if it clears up

also SB16 Elem. should always be turned off because it causes too much problems anyway and how many time do you really need it anyway
Thanks Guys i'll try out those suggestions asa.... hope it works