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problems with Abit kt7a-raid

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Mar 9, 2001
Ithaca, NY
Got my mobo set up, and heres the layout of the channels and drives:
IDE1 Zip100 and LS-120
IDE2 6GB Maxtor Secondary HDD 12x PC-DVD
IDE3 45gb IBM 75GXP ATA100
IDE4 Plex 12x10x32x CD-RW and 48x Atapi cd-rom

When i boot, i have no zip or ls120... they just dont show up in windows... ALSO, the dual fifo primary controller has an exclamation point on it, and says that it isnmt working correctly... HELP

Also, my temps are really high... like 100 F to 104 F... is this normal? im using an aplha pal 6035and a sanyo denki fan

You can't have that 6GB hard drive set at slave. Remember, IDE1 and 2 are controlled by the VIA chipset, 3 and 4 by the HPT controller. Don't put that CDRW on channel 4. I believe you need to have RAID setup or you won't be able to see anything on channels 3 and 4.
i have the 6 GB set as master, and i dont have a raid set up, but can see all my devices on ide3&4... thats the way it works... I made sure of it beforehand

I think there's a problem with the Primary IDE Controller... 'cuz, i can see the 6GB and the DVD...
Also, if i set (in the Bios) the IDE 1 to auto, it will recognize the zipo and ls120 in bios, saying that they are primary master and slave... but windows just wont display them

Any ideas about the heat problem? was the sanyo a bad choice for overclocking... im thinking to adding 2 small fans onto the sides of the HS... thanks

are your jumpers on your drives set up right first ( selave, master, or stand alone)

also in your bios make sure there all set up in there ( put them on Auto)

and also i would put your 45 giger on the IDE1 master and your ls120 on IDE1 slave then put your plex as IDE2 master and your 6 giger on IDE2 slave then poput your ZIP on IDE3 master

keep as much off your RAID controler UNLESS your running RAID

make sure you set your bios to boot off the IDE1 master and not the RAID controler !

hope this helps

have a nice day and good luck
hey azz,
'sup? Thanks for the advice, but heres a few new questions for you

1. if i put the 45 GB on IDE1, will i get ATA100 out of it?
2. any ideas about the heat?

yes you will get ata100 out of it

as for heatsinks i use a FOP38 on my CPU and a FOP38 on my G Force2 both with artic silvier

also if you cant tell i love these FOP38's

there cheep and yes there loud....but they performance is AWSOME

also check out the thermoengine (and put a delta black label on it) or the hedge hog...but the hedge hog is all copper and shouldnt be put in a outer that is moved around alot and also there exspensive !

hope this helps
ok, this is getting annoying... i moved the ibm to ide 1 master, the 6 to ide2 master, with the pcdvd as slave, then the plex and 48x as master/slave on ide3, and the ls/zip on ide 4... wouldnt even boot windows... then would run windows but not able to go to my computer..... so, i changed it back to normal, and NOW, the 6 comes in as D drive... the 45 is split 3 ways... c,d,e... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Motherboard transplants arent this hard... are they?
I was expecting a 3-4 hour job, now its been over 12...

your just not getting something in the bios right

go step by stwep as the book tells you

READ THE HOLE BOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all overclockers who has big over clocks do alot a resurch and ALSO read the manual enough times that its permantlly implanted into your brain

Just a Simple question You made the statement about MOTHERBOARD TRANSPLANT did you just take a working system and put in the KT7A Mobo? If so you have conflicting Drivers old Mobo and KT7A.. I have found that the only way to make sure everything works right is to do a clean install of everything. from FDISK down when replacing a Mobo. Even a disk FDISK'ed with a different controller can cause problems sometimes.
if this is the case I hope this helps if not I hope you can find the problem soon....
got this son of a b@tch finally working... it boots, in 266 bus mode, windows runs... and i can get internet and mail...... but my cd drives are all F'ed up...

More later,

And... there is no way im gonna reformat... got 40 gigs of stuff i cant move, unless anyone has a spare 45 gig hd they will let me borrow ;)
Umm, I thought that you only get ATA66 from the VIA chipset? That's what the manual on my KT& (not A) RAID says. You only get ATA100 from the HPT controller. Am I wrong, or is the KT7A diff from the KT7 in this respect?
ok.... heres a new problem... i can run windows, it boots, and all... i get internet for a few minutes, but that seems to fail as the processor sits for a few minutes... Thats not the main problem, though...

I have moved some things and Now, IDE1 is the 45GB, IDE 2 is the 6 and the DVD, IDE 3 has the cd-rw and the cd-rom IDE 4 is the ZIP...

Everything posts, shows up in windows, BUTif i try to use and CD other than the DVD, the system auto-restarts... any ideas?
I had many of the same problems with my kt7a-raid as you and my thought is the same as the fellow several posts up. You need to bite the bullet and do a complete fdisk, reformat and reinstall your operating system. If you don't, problems will continue to crop up...just when you think you have everything fixed. Take the advice, back up data only and reinstall everything. Time well spent. Your system will sing!
One other thought, with all those drives you probably need a pretty hefty power supply. If it's right on the edge, starting those CDs might be enough to pull the voltage down a little, hence the reboot/hang etc. :)
hmm, i've got a 300 watt... think i need more?

I managed to get the system to run... here's the deal...
1. ALL, i mean ALL hard drives should be on the HPT370 controller, no exceptions unless you have more than 4 HDD.
2. Cd's belong on the VIA chipset, as do Zip's
3. Once all the VIA slots are full, put CD's and others on the HPT, but only as slave...

My only problem is video... i have major problems with 3d, looks like i may have to reformat C drive :-(
oh well....

also looks like im overheating, at least somewhat... about 105F... any ideas on a better heatsink?
Im using an Alpha pal6035 with the sanyo denki pico ace... would putting a delta on it help... i know how noisy they are, but... ill live with it. I have also been looking at the thermoengine and the pep66 both with the delta's... any thoughts? how about the swiftech? i know its huge and expensive, but i can pay, and i have the room... also, where can i get any of these new heatsinks? cant seem to kind them on any retail sites...

I put in a KT7A-RAID without formatting. All I did was reload wondows, no format, just booted from the floppy and run windows setup. It ran fine(I formatted anyway because I like to do it to keep things clean):) I was able to use everything, all my programs ran fine, even my drivers were all still there. I couldn't format at the time I got the board because my last mobo died due to a bad bios flash, so I didn't have a chance to back anything up. So I took a shot and just reloaded windows. The one thing I did do was try as hard as I could to keep my cards in the same place: modem on pci 1....etc. Hope this helps a little