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Problems with an overclock

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New Member
Nov 22, 2009
EVGA 750i FTW Mobo
8GB MUSHKIN 996599
EVGA 9800GTX+ (not OC'd)
XFX 8800GT (physx)
650W Corsair PSU 54+ amp on 12V
Tuniq Tower 120 CPU cooler
SB Fatal1ty X-Fi
Vista 64
Q6600 oc'd to 3.4

Hello peoples...quite ****ed i might say as I havent the slightest idea as to why my computer keeps freezing with an extremely high pitched noise coming from the speakers everytime it freezes. Voltages: My Vcore is 1.475 in bios, droops down to 1.39 sometimes under load in windows, SPP is 1.35, ram is 2.1 stock, FSB is 1.4.

My ram is unlinked, rated at 1066 with 5-5-5-15 settings which is what its advertised to do. so my ram is not overclocked in any way. the only thing im oc'ing is my cpu.

temperatures: the lowest i've seen it idle is at 26C, highest 40C, surrounding temperatures play a huge role. On an average day, 32-36 Idle. Under full load, 40-50. On a hot day, 50-60. On a very hot day, 55-67. I've never had it go anything over 67C. and EVEN WHEN IT HITS 67C it doesnt freeze, hang up, slow down, give me any type of warning, nothing, it'll continue processing like nothing. So i'm pretty sure this isnt a heat issue...

It'll just freeze..randomly, i could start a game, start playing, running around killing stuff, and then boom...high pitch noise freeze, after 2 minutes of gaming, temps would probably be around 35-40C on all cores...this has gotten to the point where its borderline annoying because it keeps on happening, at random intervals...i really cannot pinpoint what the issue is...

I've tried upping my vcore to as high as 1.525 in bios, even at that high the temperatures remain the same, nope, doesnt work, i've upped the SPP to 1.5, no go, FSB to 1.5....no go...i'm at the end of my rope and i'm beginning to think that i've gotten a bad one....and i really dont want to think that...also, as inconsistent as this problem is...i fail to believe i've gotten a bad chip...i could be gaming all day and night with temps as high as 67C as i've said before...NOT ONE freeze, next day, boot up, start a game up, wham, frozen....any ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


New Member
Nov 22, 2009
another thing to add...i primed it at those first voltages and settings, 3.4 ghz, for 16 hours straight, not one error. Not one. that was months ago before i started getting the random high pitched freeze...