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problems with heaven

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caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
a while back I was benching for the heck of it and was using heaven to heat the rig.
this is a normal score for this rig in basic.
heaven was not giving a score in extreme where my normal score is in the 5500 and basic is in the 4500.
I thought basic should be higher.
now it will not score me in extreme....
any idea what's going on?


Heaven basic is really really cpu limited (extreme is really cpu limited). Much ipc, much clockspeed = rejoice for higher scores.

As far as why you arent popping a score for heaven... who knows... but take the minute to uninstall and the reinstall it and i bet it works. Not sure of a quicker fix than that. :)
the rig is in use for a few more days, when it's free I'll try a reinstall of the bench.
Drivers or nvidia settings are affecting scores, I would set nvidia defaults or reinstall driver. Last time when I was testing something in heaven I had the same issue but I changed too much in nvidia inspector. Both my results were low while basic score was lower than xtreme.
it always comes back to the anisotropic filtering setting when it wont run for me. on my intel igpu boxes it wont even run when not set according to what heaven wants to default to
More clock on the cpu / vRam is king

Been out of the game, has anyone figured out how to kill tessellation on nV cards ?
More clock on the cpu / vRam is king

Been out of the game, has anyone figured out how to kill tessellation on nV cards ?

Hey Witchy, nice to see you're still interested. As for tesselation on Nvidia, their cards are soooo good you don't need to, just ask NVidia :rofl:
I don't use nv inspector, I run full bloat with no secret sauce and run the preset bench.
hi witchdoctor, you'll be glad to hear I REALLY like your old titan I have in the rig over there, what a bios!!!!!
I wanted to ask you something, why is this titan so much better with double precision work loads than any maxwell or pascal retail card, in DP, it's pretty much a quadro like no maxwell or pascal in that respect.
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so dp was something that they could take out?
I always thought DP simply had twice the digits, (or whatever you call them) than single?
you may be assured I have no idea either, I can only tell you that from my 970's thru my 1080 it's the pits.
Yea the original Titans were simply Quadro cards with a few more ports

They are now something of their own hybrid.

LOL..... That BIOS I put on that card is a beast :)
what I really would like to do is find a sister card, send it to you for the same bois and try dp with sli, something that can't be done with quadro, I have never seen one with sli fingers.