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Problems with it7 max 2, plese help:(

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New Member
Oct 9, 2002
Ok, i actually got 2 of these, the first one at the beginning of october, almost the beginning.

Anyway, first one arrived, and was useless, whatever i tried, i couldn't get it to fit in any case with a gfx card, the agp slot was obviously installed badly, it was to close to the back of the case so there was no way the agp card was gonna fit in the slots for its connectors.

I needed a new one urgently, so while requesting an RMA for the board, i got myself a new one. THis also had the same problem, but to a much smaller degree, to the point where by leaving 2-3 mobo screws off i could just jam the card in.

Anyway ,the place has finally gotten back to me about returning this board and have informed me i can't becuase its a problem with my case, not the motherboard. I'm replying now to say(well, re say), that i have used many motherboards in these cases i have tried, loads of gfx cards, and they all fitted perfectly. THis is in a chieftec dragon full tower, a lian li pc60 and a cheaper alu atx case.

THe point of this post, a while back i asked about the problem, jsut to see if i was missing something, before i brought the 2nd replacement one. This was on [H], and a few people were saying they had the same problem with some IT7 max's, and some with the newer ones too. Unfortunately Kyle has got rid of all the olders posts, so teh thread is no longer there now i know i need it:(.

So if anyone has had this problem, could you let me know, because if people reply, i will link this thread to the shop, and to abit tech support in the UK, who have so far told me they've never heard of this problem.

Thanks for reading, sorry its so long. My bad.