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Problems with overclocking an fx 4300

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New Member
Oct 8, 2016
Hello everyone.
Recently picked up an fx 4300 be + GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P rev 1 combo for real cheap. Everything works fine at stock but when i try to oc it just wont go above 4290 mhz no matter if i raise the multi or the fsb, it just wont post above 4300mhz so there is no point in doing it so as turbo takes it to 4.2 anyway. My cooling shouldnt be the problem as my temps never exceed 30 celsius with ninja 3 rev b and 5 fans in my case. I'm real disappointed, knew 970 motherboards are generally not very good for overclocking but i wasnt expecting this bad.
As far as my memory goes i'm using corsair vengeance 1600 2x4gb. I've followed countless guides and even updated my bios to the beta one still no success so far. What might be the problem? Maybe ive picked up an unlucky chip and this is its limit? Or the motherboard sucks this bad?


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
Welcome to OCF Cristian1993 :welcome:

When overclocking the FX stick to the multiplier only for initial OC. Couple things, did you set HPC enabled and APM disabled in the BIOS? Turn off cool and quiet,C1E and C6.
Keep your turbo set to the OC clock. So if you're trying 4.3 set turbo to 4.3 etc.
How much voltage have you added to the core?


New Member
Oct 8, 2016
Hi Johan45 thanks for your reply.

Disabled all the power saving functions and enabled apm except I've disabled turbo core. Havent touched the voltage yet since it was stable at 4.28ghz and if i went further I wasn't able to get into Windows to test the stability. Last time I've oc'd an amd cpu ive managed to get +700 mhz on a phenom 2 955 without even touching the voltage.
Also i know this motherboard isnt the best overclocker but ive seen people get 5 ghz or at least 4.8 on the same board with a similar or the same chip thats what got me disappointed.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
But if you increased the core voltage you might be able to get into Windows.


Beamed Me Up!
Jun 9, 2013
FX needs voltage. ;)
Expect to be around 1.5v+ for anything over 4.5 gig.
On Gigabyte boards you need APM enabled also. They're backwards from everybody else's boards.