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problems with p4 2.53

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Dec 2, 2001
problems with p4 2.53 (update added)

just installed in my p4pe and cannot get the fsb over 135 no matter what ram setting, or v increase. p4 2.53 sl685 chip. is there some setting i am missing? what's up, can anyone help.

corsair xms3500
asus p4pe
alpha heatsink.

it's driving me crazy, this thing should at lease overclock to 2.9....

any suggestion would be appreciated

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so i go through the bios load default settings. make a couple of changes not even to frequency or mem setting and the damn thing won't reboot. when i turn off and reboot is says i have a pentium 1900, then the bios tells my i have a incorrect set cpu speed, buy i haven't made any changes to these settings.
flashed to 1002.003 bios killed the board. i guess, bad flash. anyways. i tried everything from all diff fsb settings to unplugging components, different voltage compinations etc. nothing worked. rma'd the board and processor, and new ones should be here monday hopefully my luck will be better.

the strangest thing that makes me think there was some board problems was that i set everything to default, then rebooted and it worked, then i went into the bios and disabled the onboard firewire and usb 2.0 and rebooted and now the system said "overclocking error", when i restarted it said the processer was a pentium 1900 and the bios said there was a processor identification error......anyone have an explaintion to this, i have never seen anything like it....
just an update. got the new board and new processor today. got a p4 2.53 SL682 packed 9/28/02 from costa rica instead of the SL685. this thing overclocks nice had it up to 3100+ but decided that 2964 is a nice place to break the new system in. xms3500 is running rock solid at 416 tightest settings. here is the setup, glad i switch from amd, will never go back.

asus p4pe
p4 2.53 @ 2964 on air
1 x 512mb corsair xms3500 @416 2 2 2 5 1 turbo
sandra 3207/3202 without even breaking a sweat
radeon 8500
win 2000 pro
1 x maxtor 40gig d740x
1 x wd300bb
1 x wd800 special edition
Lite-on 40x

had the ram up to 426 at the same settings (not turbo though) xms 3500 rocks.