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Problems with Sunbeam fan controller?

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Feb 4, 2002
Has anyone experienced any problems with the Sunbeam fan controller?

I bought the Vantec one and it's a total piece of crap. I had to send the first one back because if you would shut down the system then start it back up the fans wouldn't spin. The only way I could get it to work was if I shut my powerstrip off. After a few seconds it made a sound like a capacitor discharging and when I started it back up it would work.

Anyway I sent that one back and got a new one directly from Vantec. It even has the new PCB with the trace rerouted around the mounting screw that was giving most people problems. It is acting up too. Sometimes it will not start the fans up. But I haven't had to shut the powerstrip off to get this one to work right. Just have to shut system down and start back up.

But that's why I'm asking about the Sunbeam. I'd like t know if it's any good before I buy one. Also like to know if it makes a high pitched whining sound like the Vantec does. It's pretty annoying.

Vantec Nexus the multi function?
Or the speed controller?
I have my speed controller on right now and its fine, it just turns on with the cpu cuz it has a molex supplying to all my fans.

I hear the sunbeams are great, with led changing action to show you when your fans are really workin'
Yes I'm talking about the Vantec Fan Controller. I have one of the Multi-function panels too but I replaced it with an Enermax one because the Vantec one was crap.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Vantec but crap is crap. The display was all mottled when I got it and one of the temp channels went to hell on me.

Anywho back to the original topic. Does anyone else have good/bad experiences with the Sunbeam? I don't want to buy something else to feed my trash can with.