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Processor stepping question

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Mar 2, 2002
I have an 800eb processor and from what I can tell from intels site mine has cCO stepping, what does this mean for me, and how high should I be able to overclock it?
Also, how can I make sure of the stepping? I used intels processor ID utility and this is what it said........
Intel(R) Processor Frequency ID Utility
Version: 4.5.20020228
TimeStamp: 2002/3/10 20:39:10
Number of processors in system: 1
Current processor: #1
Processor Name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Processor 800EB-MHz
CPU Type: 0
CPU Family: 6
CPU Model: 8
CPU Stepping: 6
CPU Revision: 8
L1 Instruction Cache: 16 KB
L1 Data Cache: 16 KB
L2 Cache: 256 KB
Packaging: FC-PGA
MMX: Yes
NetBurst(TM) microarchitecture: No
Reported processor Frequency: 800 MHz
Reported System Bus Frequency: 133 MHz
Expected processor Frequency: 800 MHz
Expected System Bus Frequency: 133 MHz
the EB is a hard CPU to overclock as your FSB is already at 133.
If you Motherboard will let your run your FSB @ 150, you have a very good chance at 900. Most cCo's can handle 950MHz-1000MHz will little effort. (most not all)

I think your RAM speed is going to be the thing that may be the most problamatic for you... but with any luck....

Cant give you much more info or direction without knowing a few things...
Like you Motherboard And Full load Temps
TUSL2-C is the mobo, and I haven't really checked my full load temps yet, what program can I use to check my full load temps?
Use Motherboard Monitor.

I don't know if that is a good board to overclock with Coppermine as their voltage are limited to very little (I think it was 1.825), but I heard the lastest bios update allow up to 2v.

Anyways back on track, your going to need to check your temps and such @ full load.

Go to the front page and read the Beginners Guide, it would be a great help to you that one person can't explain!

I tested the temps with burn intest 2.0 and at idle I am at 34c and full load I max at 38c, but average at 36c