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Processor upgrade worth it?

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Aug 10, 2001
Davie, FL
I have a Iwill KK266 motherboard with a Duron 700 @ 918. I am ready to upgrade my processor. I'm pretty sure my mobo is compatable with Athlon's XP series of processors and was thinking of upgrading to the 1700+. I know the KK266 isn't compatable with SSE2 (I think thats what their called) enhancements, so would it be worth it to get an XP processor? Should I just get an Athlon 1.4 GHz? Thanks.

First of all WELCOME TO THE FORUMS. Now to the subject. Since your motherboard isn't compatible (not compatable :) ) with xps then go t-birds since xps don't have SSE2 (only p4 do).

after looking at the iwill page this is what I dug up:
Supports Socket A for AMD® AthlonTM & DuronTM Processors
Supports CPU Speed From 600 MHz up to 1.2GHz and Higher
Supports adjustable Vcore & VIO

It doesn't support XPs after all (KT133A chipset)
These are the 2 most recent BIOS updates for the KK266. If they updated the Micro code for Athlon XP shouldn't it be compatable with the processors?

KK266 for Product No is 35103A, BIOS Date Code: Oct.22.2001
1.Update Micro code for Athlon XP
KK266 for Product No is 35103A, BIOS Date Code: Jun.22.2001
1.Added to support "Palomino" processor.
It is compatible with the XP, Hoot as that motherboard just the "+" version. However, I'm not farmiliar with that board, and Hoot is using SDR and so are you, is it a SDRam board only?

I wouldn't upgrade to an XP without using DDR...

And as for upgrading, it's up to you, if you see a purpose yes, if not no..

Yes it's a SDRAM only board. I guess I'll just go with Athlon 1.4 GHz then. Thanks for the help!
I got the XP because they run cooler. No other reason. It was only $20 more and adds another 66mhz at default.
I would upgrade to the best CPU you can afford...ie try and get an XP if your mobo supports it.

You don't have to get an XP with DDR, SDR is fine too..certainly there's nothing special about the XPs design that DDR somehow enhances over a DDR T-bird combo.
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i think it would be worth investing in a new mobo and cpu. you could do the upgade for about 300$ or less. and you could get a mobo that supports both srd and ddr and use your old memory till ya have the cash to upgrade. but if money is an issue then i would just wait till prices drop even more.(what im doin):D

anyways good luck on your decision:cool:
I want to try to stick to the mobo I have for about 6 months or so. I'll probably get a new mobo for PC1066/dual-channel DDR. I read this the other day,

"...if you're reasonably current (and by that I mean 1GHz and KT133A level or better), I wouldn't do anymore than maybe a CPU change for more than a while, and if your mobo won't support the latest whiz-bang processor, live with what you have.

If you have to make your upgrade count, and you're not especially hurting at the moment, I think I'd want to be on the other side of that motherboard divide. I'd want to have Hypertransport. I'd want to have Serial ATA support. I'd want to have whatever the latest memory standard looks like six months from now."

That's my reasoning behind keeping my mobo for now. I'm kind of leaning toward the Athlon XP 1700+ again now.

Thanks again for the help!