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Production using only your own cpus?

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Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
I just calculated the PPW for the machines I personally own and take care of... 10 of them in all.

1700 @ 2525 = 615 PPW
2100 @ 2200 = 554 PPW
2600 @ 2100 = 540 PPW
Dually @ 1950 each = 948 PPW
T-bird @ 750 = 141 PPW
P3 450 @ 450 = 98 PPW
2 Mac G4's @ 1300 Total = 150 PPW
P4 3.06 HT (Laptop) = 550 PPW
Totals out to about 3600 PPW on 10 CPU's or 360 PPW per CPU. Wow, this just made me think... I have 43 CPU's and a total PPW of about 7700 this week. My 10 CPU's are roughly HALF of my total output! That means that the other 33 CPU's kinda blow :mad: Oh well, it's all for teh cause.


Jun 22, 2002
Sterling IL
as of now i only fold on my computers. i'm around 550PPW.

1 XP1600 @ 1.79Ghz
1 XP1600 @ 1.54Ghz
1 XP1700 @ 1.47Ghz

soon i'll have another XP1700 folding.


Mar 28, 2001
The Netherlands
~500+ PPW with the 2 rigs in my sig, but sometimes I seem to get some help "Active Processors this week 3"????, who's the mysterious folder??


Dec 27, 2002
all of my points are from systems right here in my room, no borging for me :( but then again i get just over 2k ppw with my own stuff :D, and i should have a dually 1.4 tully in then next few days, just waiting on a new hd so i can bring her on line, :D

super slow nija edit for nit-pickers
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Mar 28, 2001
The Netherlands
dagamore said:
i should have a dully 1.4 tully

Sorry to hear that, that must really suck:D ;)

Dully --> Dull:
1 : mentally slow : STUPID
2 a : slow in perception or sensibility : INSENSIBLE b : lacking zest or vivacity : LISTLESS
3 : slow in action : SLUGGISH
4 a : lacking in force, intensity, or sharpness b : not resonant or ringing <a dull booming sound>
5 : lacking sharpness of edge or point
6 : lacking brilliance or luster
7 of a color : low in saturation and low in lightness
- dull·ness or dul·ness /'d&l-n&s/ noun
- dul·ly /'d&(l)-lE/ adverb
synonyms DULL, BLUNT, OBTUSE mean not sharp, keen, or acute. DULL suggests a lack or loss of keenness, zest, or pungency <a dull pain> <a dull mind>. BLUNT suggests an inherent lack of sharpness or quickness of feeling or perception <a person of blunt sensibility>. OBTUSE implies such bluntness as makes one insensitive in perception or imagination <too obtuse to take the hint>. synonym see in addition STUPID

Sorry I just couldn't resist:rolleyes: