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Progress on my first water cooled build

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as long as the tall res is feeding the pump inlet your all good.
for a first water loop you're doing awesome!!!!!!

Indeed, the big res is feeding my pump :) Thanks allot, that means allot to me :D

for my cable kit I cheated and ordered mine sleeved.
keep up the VERY NICE work.

If I found 3 colored presleeved in the colors I wanted, I would have done the same thing. Even though the price is kinda high.
Sleeving is hard and easy to mess up. I find it harder too sleeve decent then bending the pipes xD

I've been waiting for this update!
Looks amazing! I hope mine looks at least half as good :D
Can't wait to see her running!

I'm sure yours will also look awesome (really want to see your pics xD)
Thanks allot man :D
Also can't wait to see her running, only need 1 more 90° angled adapter so I can attach me filling tube, the cieling of my case is blocking me from inserting the tube.. and it's a flexible tube. Still to tight. Hope to get it today :D

Filling -> Bleeding -> Leaktesting

I'll keep you posted :D
Sorry haha I added it to the main post :p, here it is :D

UPDATE 5: The end of building but software is a pain!
View attachment 183614
The bottom of this res was broken.. what a pain.. drained the loop, switched the bottoms of my 2 res and added a deeper going part into the broken res bottom, you can see it on the pictures, this solved my issue, no more leaks. Only problem is, I had to remake the biggest tube, the lenght wasn't good anymore..
But again filling:
View attachment 183615
View attachment 183616
This is a nice shot :D
View attachment 183617
View attachment 183618
View attachment 183619
View attachment 183620
View attachment 183613
View attachment 183621
View attachment 183622

I should take some more picture in the dark with the glass off, then you really see it all. Will add some later on!
Right now I have an issue.. The GPU isn't working as intended.. It shows me my screen in 800x600 resolution, which is normal without drivers.. But from the moment I instal my drivers.. My screen goes black, stating no signal detected.. My onboard graphics work fine, working on them now.

I tried several things.
  • Reinstal GPU drivers
  • use DDU tool to completely remove de display drivers, reboot, use ccleaner to clean registery, reboot and reinstal drivers
  • reinstal windows 10 (I go back to having no drivers and the problem reoccurs)
  • set the PCIe in tbios to GEN3
  • Set GPU as main driver in bios
  • dissable the onboard drivers (needed to reinstal windows because I couldn't get a screen anymore)
  • removed a RAM so only 1 is present
  • remove all cords from pc and hold power button for aprox 1min
  • and several I might have forgotten
Also tried to disable the secure boot, but I can't edit it in bios, it is grayed out..
My next step will be installing windows 8.1 or 7 to see if it works
The problem is, I can't just pull out my GPU.. I'd have to drain my loop and gone's a weeks of work

Also, in my bios the gpu keeps working, it's not until windows should be loading that it stops working..
Cables and monitors are tested on my other rig.

Dammit xD I wanna play on my new pc xD

Hope anybody knows a solution :D

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Ok guys, I posted about the GPU problems I encountered. I tried an older card (Think it's a GTX Historia xD it's a 480.. I sold my other PC so I couldn't take out my previous card DAMMIT ;p, but it works fine. I've returned the gtx 1080, pretty sure this is just a defective card out of the box. (Five PC stores agree with me)
So the card was broken, got a new one, plug and play :D
(Only the plugging took some time xD)

I added some extra led tubes to make the reservoir pop some more.

Also a small video:
Yeah sorry I failed with the video xD