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Mar 13, 2018
This is my verY first build log but not my first build. So forgive me if i make any mistakes. so the name of this build is "AFTERLIFE" i like it and the ideas and concept i came up with behind it. the them of the build is very simple and unique with pretty much Japanese theme and some lovely geisha's! so the whole idea was to have a custom build reservoir in front of the case with built in pumps. just to make it unique and simple. I believe i captured it perfectly! I also have a FB paged and Instagram called: Oracle PCB sop check it out whenever. Also id like to give a huge shout out to my sponsors ANIDEES for the amazing looking fans and TEAMGROUP for the beautiful Memory! Also my good friend at Killrmodz for the CNC work on the acrylic and being able to bring my ideas to life!



CPU: 8600K

MOTHERBOARD: Aorus z370 gaming 5

GPU:Aorus 1080ti XTREME Edition

RAM: TEAMGROUP Tforce Night Hawk (Black) and (SPONSORED)

PSU: Corsair HX750

STORAGE: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB and 2 HHD 3TB

CASE: Corsair

CABLES: Mod-one

FANS: Anidees AI Prismatics (SPONSORED)

CPU BLOCK:Alphacool Eisblock

RAD: 240mm Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper`

FITTINGS: Alphacool 13 OD hard tube fittings

this is the layout of the Custom res going in the Corsair 570x case

IMG_2938.thumb.JPG.9348cf5829f38b415097efca3c1f8c87.JPG IMG_2937.thumb.JPG.117dff3388386cf38970e7e201db8b43.JPG
These were the renders done with customer pumps built into it

IMG_3160.thumb.JPG.b1cc54bd705bdfa89ab35aa3d6df7d6f.JPG IMG_3160.thumb.JPG.b1cc54bd705bdfa89ab35aa3d6df7d6f.JPG
For the Geisha being drawn out, it was laser etched into the acrylic for leds illuminate the whole side of the res

IMG_3080.JPG.de5e46f082cd12c893e0dcc13f5bbe1f.JPG IMG_3078.JPG.2c62c64f2fce99032cdb2c17f4b68453.JPG IMG_3078.JPG.2c62c64f2fce99032cdb2c17f4b68453.JPG
Custom psu cover with the etched koi fish on top just for show!

So here is the final look of the completed case with the built in Res and psu. Honestly me and my guy who does some amazing CNC work agreed that it came out perfectly!

IMG_1191.thumb.JPG.711349498fe67e404e5adcca01d202f1.JPG IMG_1192.thumb.JPG.3928c652fd1753f4224b5f494b400eda.JPG IMG_1195.thumb.JPG.0ab08eacf16ce589357cded398964753.JPG IMG_1205.thumb.JPG.33020ce0e4064867739b557ad5b77f51.JPG IMG_1254.thumb.JPG.d38eb402d34093c4b3a4b6a1180cb579.JPG

Some more shots of the case with everything installed!
IMG_1277.thumb.JPG.bc20acfd389e60dc7c8ede8a7fc7fbab.JPG IMG_1249.thumb.JPG.28e2e368d4f01f0c5faa8beee9874429.JPG IMG_1264.thumb.JPG.88fb74dfde9c61ad988e31aae0b40c37.JPG IMG_1263.thumb.JPG.94b9fc341623fcdb7c2f77f44245eaca.JPG IMG_1262.thumb.JPG.38b9b124abc4d5b91534ef49d9c2fdd4.JPG IMG_1339.thumb.JPG.05eb8dd5637bc05adab8e2c166ffc579.JPG

Now for the beautiful ram that was sent to me! i've had a set before i was sponsored lol. Also a brief review about them.

First off, I must admit that Team Group Night Hawk RGB Memory is one of a kind! Extremely beautiful and appealing to the eye. The alumni material is very sturdy and is heavy and gives it that premium feel to it. They are built with quality! The RGB is amazing and has a great range of colors, lighting effects, and a As appealing as it is to me while ignoring the orange trim along the side if it doesn't bother you enjoy it. Coming in colors of black and white and setup on their software is pretty user friendly to a point. the Performance is good enough for me getting a 16gb kit with speed up to 3200 i cant complain and is the perfect option for the everyday gamer who loves ascetics. ]

i will have pics up of them later with their rgb in effect
IMG_1303.thumb.JPG.f9b5667d3fe14f32f1d1c8b0bd62d2f2.JPG IMG_1302.thumb.JPG.adc95066b48540ec78d717ac3d4e0bea.JPG IMG_1306.thumb.JPG.5f0c0a7addd7209fefded0f239444c26.JPG

As for my new and beautiful Custom backplate from JJMods for his wonderful laser work which i wish i could do enjoy for your pleasure.
IMG_1358.thumb.JPG.89d92290cfebd4fef2e09b8e26f6ab81.JPG IMG_1362.thumb.JPG.69336341c1a2249f8826afcf278d16ed.JPG IMG_1363.thumb.JPG.1b3c2c028d4736cafbe59f837e2a33b6.JPG

ill leave you with this wonderful view! and yes the whole thing lights up RGB (Really Great Build) lol

And the final pics enjoy!

IMG_1513.jpg IMG_1514.jpg IMG_1519.jpg IMG_1520.jpg IMG_1517.jpg
IMG_1538.jpg IMG_1539.jpg IMG_1541.jpg IMG_1544.jpg

And some more shot! IMG_1545.jpg IMG_1546.jpg IMG_1494.jpg IMG_1496.jpg

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