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Project Akkadia - Moderate Gaming Rig

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Mar 18, 2019
Building a moderate gaming rig for modern games and older titles with lots of mods (think Fallout 4, etc...) Shooting for 60 to 75 fps 1440p. Willing to turn down some settings to get there.

Current ideas:
Ryzen R5 3600
Asus X570 Tuf Gaming Wifi
32gb 3600mhz ram (Looking at either Tridentz RGB or Cosair Dominator)
EVGA 2070s (probably one of the XC line)
Looking at NVME drives just cause. I already have ssds and hdds on hand, I'm just curious to try it out. Probably end up doing one down the road.
Corsair 115i 280mm AIO or equivalent.
I have a case and bunch of notcua fans on hand already.

I plan on overclocking everything. My current rig is used primarily as a video editing rig and is a 2700x, X470 Strix-F, 32gb Trident Z 3200mhz CL14(Samsung B-Die), ROG Strixx 1660ti, and a Corsair 120mm AIO. Handles 1080p great on every title I've played. Just looking for the next step and not having to share a computer and settings.

I'm also looking to have enough VRM on hand to handle and overclock the Ryzen 4000 series r5 if they stick with AM4.

My alternates included:
Sapphire 5700xt (too many bugs)
Used 1080 ti hybrid/ ftw (450 used) Decided I wanted RTX as I'm sure everything and it's mother is going to start using it.

A Crosshair Hero VII or another X470F board.

I dont mind running this for a while and updating when the 3000 gpus launch or Ryzen 4k, or if Intel gets it together and Comet Lake is good.

I'm open to suggestions on most of it. Typically I run team blue, but Ryzen is too good to payout for the now EOL 9000 intel chips. What do you guys think, am I on the right track here?
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Looks good. I'd recommend going with an X570 over an X470 board, if you're getting new might as well get the newest chipset, even if just for the advantage of PCIe 4.0 for longevity.
I'll edit it up, my primary choice is an X570 chipset. I already got yelled at last time when I was stuck on the Hero VII. XD

I'm also looking for recommendations on a good 1440p panel. Looking at some 27 / 32 inch IPS models around the 200 to 250 dollar mark. Just not sure where to start, lol.
Just saw the Hero VII or other X470 board part of your OP, thought I'd just clarify that, lol.

For the monitor, if you're shooting for 60Hz/IPS/1440P/27" and carrying over some video editing as well, both Amazon and B&H have some Dell Ultrasharp U2717Ds for $310 if you can stretch your budget a little, the Ultrasharps are generally pretty good.
So, I could use a little help trying to get the price down a bit, lol. Ideally, I would like to be at 1200 or under, preferably under, to complete a 1440p build. Don't really want to change processor or board unless I have to, but I do have a lead on a used 2600x in my area for 75 bucks. I know the guy and he just upgraded to the 3700x. I can pick up a cheap B450 board and run that for a while no problems if it comes to it. I'm looking at options for RAM right now. I'm trying to reach 3600mhz at 32gb of ram. The reason Im pushing for 32gb instead of 16 is because I like to mod games and it tends to eat ram like popcorn. Lately, just playing Fallout 4 has been eating around 20gb of ram between game and system. I was starting to get some performance issues with 16gb (Trident Z Samsung B-Die 3200 14-14-14).

I've been looking at cheaper Dominator Ram (Not Samsung B-Die). Team T-Force Ram modules (It is Samsung B-Die), and a few others. Is there really a big performance between the die sets on ram? I mean, if I can squeeze 3600mhz 16-16-16 timings out of a chipset, would make a difference if it was HyperX, Trident Z, Team T-Force, or AEGIS? I know the odds are long, but it's the principle of the concept that I'm interested in.

Also, I am looking at dual rank ram sticks, but I feel more confident in getting stability out of 4 single rank ram sticks run in dual channel then I do in two dual rank sticks. I feel like the modules would be more capable of hitting that level. Flip side, should I just stick with 3200mhz and look at budget ram there?

Other considerations for budget cuts are dropping to a 2060s (really, really dont want to.) or chancing the 5700xt with the latest drivers. I also have an old Thermal take PSU (850w) and might be able to drop the PSU from the list. It's 10 years old though. Not sure how much more I can run it hard, lol.

Not desperate for the price cut, but now that I've parted out my goal, trying to see where the cuts can be made.
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Wasn't sure what you needed for components but this is everything but mouse/kb, OS, and case just under $1200
I managed to get your 3600 cl 16 memory at 32 GB but that take a newer gen Ryzen for decent stability.
Put in the RX 5700 which will handle 1440p some titles might struggle on ultra but you'll have to adjust. As for monitor I just picked the cheapest 1440 on there, 1080 is about half the price.