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Project: Bling Bling

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looks good only thing i would say is get yourself some coat hangers and use 'em to hang those pieces from the ceiling before you paint it'll prevent dust and stuff from landing on your fresh paint job.
Ahh. A perfect example of Murphys law. You guys will never guess what happened to me while painting. First problem was a minor one, the wind blew my keyboard extension onto the side of my case that faces me and got the wet paint messed up. I removed the paint and started over and all was well until the bugs started comming around because it was the first warm day so far this year and they were hatching from the ponds. They landed on my freshly painted case faster then I could get rid of them. After that I decided to move everything inside while drying but then the dust problems began! Ahh what a nightmare. I was really hopping to have a good paintjob but ... well ... you'll see what it looks like when i'm done and post more pics :(

Today i'm going to sears to buy some clear coat paint. Anything I need to know before I get some? Also, the paint on the front of my cd-burner isn't drying ... if I put a clear over it do you think the clear will dry so I can touch it? The paint is drying on the keyboard and case-frontplates nicely but not on the burner (and a little tacky on the floppy.)

Sorry I didn't update any yesterday ... too many problems and my digital camera's battery ran out too! I'll try to post alot today (if my sister doesn't take her keyboard back)

Thanks for all the help and praises!
Tripod appears to hate you or us looking at your site.

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The Tripod site you are trying to reach has been temporarily suspended due to excessive bandwidth consumption.

The site will be available again in approximately 2 hours!
hmm thats odd ... says i have plenty of bandwidth left to use this month

You have used 74.1 MB of your allotted 1.0 GB. "

"Your site had 29 page views yesterday."

If anyone else gets this error please post. I tried the site and it worked for me but who knows whats going on.
i gotta do a clearcoat and let that dry before I put it tog. Anyone know how long it will take for the clear coat to dry?
I would let the cleat coat dry atleast overnight if not 24 hours. Whats the point of rushing now and messing it up?
it looks much better in picture then in real life. I'm thinking about maybe sanding it down to the metal then polishing it till its a mirror (paint doesn't like me.) It doesn't look bad but if I touch it (even after I let it dry for 3 days.) Also, the clear coat I got for is just sort-a melts it and turns it gray. I dont think I would recomend it but its the rustolium kind. Its color is called chrome.
just a thought my experience with silvery kinda paint was it kinda rubbed of on u probly allready gona do it but u should put alota clear coats on the keyboard rest cuz i think ur rist might rub the paint off

any way it looks good