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[Project] Custom PC Desk With Dual Gaming Rigs

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May 7, 2020
United Kingdom
I've been planning this project for some time now and as I have a lot of free time due to isolation I have decided to go ahead and start clearing out my apartment(Bedroom) including dismantling most of the furniture, bed and move it to another room so I have easy working area to prep all the desk and redecorating. So my end goal result will be a dual water-cooled custom PC desk with a redesigned room to match the whole PC desk setup. I haven't got a proper ideal budget yet although I won't be going cheap on this project. I will try my best to label where everything is purchased the cost of everything involved. I will post updates/logs as frequent as possible and will respond to all suggestions and feedback etc.

Hope you all enjoy this project and follow along my journey throughout this insane project and maybe give you some inspiration to make something as epic as this :D

Can't wait to hear all of your feedback

Your's ultimately...

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My current sketch of how I'm having the desk and its full dimensions. Please if you have any suggestions please comment I appreciate any input/feedback as I'm not some next level interior designer nor getting any professional help as I'm doing this without any irl help from anyone just myself. <3 z8ptkiz6e6x41.jpg
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Welcome to the Forums Vektie!

I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. My only piece of advice is ALL PC desks I've seen have had issues with the space required between the tops of your legs and the top of the desk ( where the PC components reside). Be sure to plan accordingly as this is always the major hangup with these projects. With that said it can and has been done very well in the past and I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Alright thanks, will hopefully be alright as I have taken the wheels off my chairs to stop it from moving about all the time which has also reduced its height a fair amount so fingers crossed it won't be much hassle :)
Following up since I made the post, I've bought wood to start building the main housing of the desk case. mdf.png
Hiya everyone, a little while since I've posted any updates but it's for a good cause :) Working hard preparing everything for this project and making sure I won't bump into as many issues as I was concerned of. Thanks Dr_Emmett_Brown for the pictures, I had seen something like this a while ago when linus posted his version of custom desk build so I knew it was possible and that I wanted to put my childhood dream project idea into reality as never thought It was worth it at the time or possible due to many factors like living at my parents but times changed and made it much reasonible for me to make it happen.
Back to project log update :) I've started cutting out the main pieces of mdf for the desk housing.
Will upload images as soon as!