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PROJECT LOG Project Freezer Burn - LN2/Dice Benching Platform

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Major update today as I had good Friday off from work. WooHoo!!

I started the morning out modding an old 92mm PSU fan I had salvaged from an old PC. I cut off the 2 pin mini connector and soldering on a standard Molex pass-thru style connector. I thought about going with a 120mm but I worked out a nice custom mount for this fan and I really like the look of the grill that came with it. You'll get to see the mounting another day. I'll eventually do a proper sleeving on this fan but for now good old electrical tape will have to do.
View attachment 161966
View attachment 161967
View attachment 161968

Next up was drilling for the MoBo posts. I also cut out the cable holes for the 20 pin power, sata cables, CPU power and PCIe support power. You'll also notice I cut out the front fan opening. This along with the cable openings should provide enough fresh air for the 850W power supply that will be mounted in here. I've drilled for the 2 brass handles that will be used to help carry this beast. I'm using my old mostly trashed mouse pad for under teh MoBo. It's made of closed cell neoprene and should assist in keeping away the air and moisture. This set-up will be 3x SLI/X-fire compatable. If I ever need to go 4x the GPU brace is removable, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
View attachment 161969
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The last few things I did today was adding the corner bracing to help strengthen the MDF and spraying some of the hardware gloss black.
View attachment 161973
View attachment 161974

This build is coming along very well and I'm hoping to get some runs in by next weekend. I still need to build the lid, but I'm itching to get some benching in. That's it for today. I hope you all have a blessed Easter!!

Happy Easter OCF members! Just a small Easter update today. I've done a dis-assemble and am glueing on the veneer from the salvaged dresser. These are actually the bottoms of the drawers and you'll see why I wanted to use them for this. the wood grain is truly beautiful...and with the gloss black, Dayum. Needless to say I'm pretty excited to see this getting closer to completion.
View attachment 162042

Here are some money shots of the hardware with the veneer to show off that nice wood grain. The first pic is the custom fan mount I mentioned a few days ago. It's a 120mm fan grill that was cut-out for a 140mm fan in a previous build. It will serve 2 purposes here. It will be a mount obviously but will also keep the PSU cables from interfering with the rotation of the fan blades.
View attachment 162043
View attachment 162044
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View attachment 162046

That's all for now. Try not to eat too much!

Oh you need to see how she looks with the veneer on. Got it all glued on and the cut-outs mostly done, just need to clean them up. I think I'm going to hold out on further picks until I get the trim pieces on and finish fabricating the lid. I'm stoked.

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to make sure this next update was a nice one. It's a big one too, sorry bout that. She's not fully completed, but fully operational. Tomorrow will be he maiden voyage as I'll be picking up a few pounds of DICE to do some playing around with. The only thing left to complete this build is fabricating the cover, getting the adjustable toggle latches & applying a clear coat to the whole thing. Here's what's been happening in my shop.

I took the feet from the old case and had to cut the tabs off of them so they could be screwed into the bottom of the new case.
View attachment 162297

Then I noticed I had to do some minor tweaking of the trim pieces as they were pinching at the hinge. View attachment 162298

and this is how she turned out
View attachment 162299
View attachment 162300
View attachment 162301
View attachment 162302
View attachment 162303

Ready for tomorrows adventures.
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Nice 'n compact - I like it Blaylock! :thup:

You're right, that veneer looks great on it!
Well done sir :salute: