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[project log] 2016 CRT.

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Dec 31, 2015
As some may know I use a old crt from 2001. It a nicer higher end model that I never been able to find a replacement for.
Heck I bought a 400$ flatscreen that hardly matched the crt in image quality. Sure it was bigger, lighter and pull less power. But dang it, you just have to use a high end crt to understand.

Anyway the vga cable on it went bad and the white plastic has started to turn brown, icky.
So I'm going to rewire it and paint it black. Not only that but I'll be upgrading it to dvi.
How dose dvi work on a crt? Crt's are analogue.... You will have to wait and see.

I should get the parts today and I'll start tonight.

This is the vga wiring harness.
View attachment 176684
This is the frount of the neck and the suction cup of doom.
View attachment 176685
The side and flyback (the black thing)
View attachment 176686
The neck board and tube.
View attachment 176687

Also working on crt's can be deadly. The older the worse do to the lack of bleeders and X-ray shielding. I have a old 80's tv that holds over 100kv and 10amp when off, even has a warning on inside saying you should ware a lead lined clothing when working on it do to the high amount of radiation it admits.

This video shows a newer safer crt's fly back discharging.
Skip ahead to 3 minutes.