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Oct 15, 2002
Hi guyz !

Now I got a watercooled system. Works quite good. Cool.
But as all overclockers I can't get enough and I always want to get the maximum Power from my CPU.

Some questions:
Would you buy a Prometia ?
Anyone of u has got one ?
Can u tell me how do u like it ?
Is it loud ?
How far can you go with an AMD compared to a watercooled system ?!
(its quite important for me cause 700 bugs aren't less :D)

Thx for ya help !

Greetz from the rainy Austria ! (NOT Australia)
I'd buy one, especially the non-case versions, since you'll probably spend about the same money making one yourself.
I want to buy the full version (black in a tower) cause I don't want to cut a hole into my cs-tower !
Cause for 700 bugs I want to put in the mobo, and start it !
I'm sure im going to buy it in a whole tower. (even if its quite ugly ;))
Juggernout said:
I want to buy the full version (black in a tower) cause I don't want to cut a hole into my cs-tower !
Cause for 700 bugs I want to put in the mobo, and start it !
I'm sure im going to buy it in a whole tower. (even if its quite ugly ;))

I personally wouldn't fork over $300 for a case, but what ever floats your boat. :D And don't forget a power supply either.
Would you buy a Prometia ?

I already have orderd one, a black AMD with the tower.
753 dollars total.

Anyone of u has got one ?

nope, not yet.
I get mine around the 6th of november...
that really sucks.

Can u tell me how do u like it ?

I can tell you this, if it's even remotly quieter then my case with 20 fans in it, I'll love it.

Is it loud ?

I hope not...
I see it says 35 decibles on start up, then everything slows to minimum and is nearly in-audible.

How far can you go with an AMD compared to a watercooled system ?!

I wish I knew...

Thx for an answer to nearly all my questions ! :D
I'm going to order mine in 2 weeks and I'll get it in 3 ;) (cause I know one of the shopkeepers)
But it seems you will have yours earlier. PLease report into this thread how u like and how its performing.

Thx @ all
I'm going to order my Prometeia in December/January. I'm also thinking about buying a premade water setup to cool my videocard and bridge. ....paying for SILENCE and it will be worth every cent. lol
A couple of reviews I have read had me troubled about the condensation. I cannot which review I read had this issue but the stalk itself if the guy squezed it was moist. Also he had some condensation on the outside of the microfreezer as well.

Are these issues from an older revision of the unit? Nothing to worry about? I am somewhat interested in the Prometeia but the thing that worries me is that a reviewer doesn't use a system for several years to run into all of the issues. If after a day or 2 you are notcing condensation what about after a few months?
The xtremesystems review was the one where mr. icee tested the prometeia for a period of 2 months and it was pretty thorough. The other reviews i've read they tested it for a shorter time. ....the xtremesystem reviewer had no problems with condensation.
Well guys.....I desided to go in Water........Condensation is the point of changing into Water......If you "load" your CPU a lot then YOU WILL SEE CONDENSATION......I have the Prometeia for about two months now and never have "pushed" this thing to the limits for a long time......One day I desided to crunch SETI stuff for 24/7.....It was a BIG MISTAKE coz after the third day......Mobo's DOWN.....At the back side of it I noticed a lot of condensation.....My VGA card had a lot of "white spots" on it...Finaly I desided to go on Water.....Sorry for desapointing someone of you but that's the way it goes......FULL LOAD(Over 100Watts) = CONDENSATION(whatever you do)......
I had a Vapochill for about 1 month then I sold it because i smashed 2 CPUS !
And the temps wern't great !
Then I decided to change to water because its easeier and more safety.
Now I want to change to PROmetia !

Damn it !
I reall want it !

Tell me more !

Thx @ Warlord ! :D
(for making me happy ;) )
I'll post what I can when I get it, but I don't even know if this post will last the few weeks it's gonna be till I get mine.

I have a ABIT KD7 Raid coming in 2 days.
in a few days I'll have a XP2400.
then 2 weeks I will have my proetia.
I use Corsair XMS 3500 ram.

this should provide for a very good place to begin OC-ing with the prometia. I'll also keep my XP 1800 thats unlocked for reference testing with the prometia as well.

the KD7 is capable of a Vcore up to 2.35 v, and a ram voltage of 3.25 V, so mixed with the extreme cooling of the prometia, I am sure I can get some good numbers to play with.

well not with the XP 1800, that thing seems to crash at 1.7, no matter how I set the multiplier or FSB, but I have alittle more confidence in the XP 2400 after seeing some early numbers.

I'll try to keep you posted when I get it.
I've had the Prometeia up and running from the end of May. No problems to date.

My P4 2400 OC's to over 3100. I don't run 24/7, but usually a few hours a day and all day Saturday/Sunday. I've had it on for the last 4 days straight though (Seti) and I see no condensation. Let me repeat- NO VISIBLE CONDENSATION!!!!! I was very careful to install it by the letter and took my time. This is key I think.

The noise level is a constant hum (like a refrigerator) that is low pitched and not very disturbing. Nothing like the 60cm Delta fans that whirl with that high-pitched vacuum cleaner screech. It's a little louder than my P4 1700 running on stock Intel HSF, but not much.

It's expensive, but for me worth every buck (not bug :D ). I'd reccommend it.

BTW- because your CPU temp is so low, you get a huge drop in your system temp reading. Also, without the heat generated from the CPU raising the temps in the case- my memory and GF4 run cooler.
Juggernout said:

That's really disapointing.

Did u really install it right ?
Damn !
I wanted this thing. But now i'm really unsure about it. Tell me more man !

Look man.....I've done so many instalations that there is NO possibility that I did something wrong......I instaled in TWO different Mobos a P4 1,6GHz , a P4 2,26GHz , a P4 2,66GHz and finally a P4 2,8GHz......I don't think I did something wrong.....The point is that if you "heavy load" the Prometeia with too much Wattage YOU WILL HAVE CONDENSATION.....When I work my CPU at 1,625VCore and at 3500MHz I just see a few drops on the "head" of Prometeia but if I work my CPU at 1,85VCore and at 3640MHz there is a "river" floating around.....In this case I have about over 130Watts witch dessipating from Prometeia....

My final words are : Buy the Prometeia but you have to be very carefull about that......I'm changing into water.....