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proper cpu temp.

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Jun 3, 2001
What should the max. effective cpu temp be when overclocked from 700mhz to 980mhz.?
mine is 28 degrees celcius at idle and 45-47 degrees celcius when playing games (full power).
Is that temp. too high?
PIII700E, core voltage 1.6, motherboard temp 27 celcius
From what I've read the AMD T-birds can handle at MAX around 90c, but I would NEVER get anywhere near that temp. I am not positive on the Insmell's, err Intel's, but I believe the, again MAX temp, is somewhere around 70c to 80c. These are maximum temperatures and you should not be operating anywhere near these. At your temps your chip is not going to turn into a blob of goo but you should work on getting that temp down before you overclock any further if you can.
Sorry, for some reason I thought we were talking about a P4 not a PIII. Those temps are too high.
Hmmm...A 700E has a default voltage of 1.70v...why is your's running at 1.6? What kind of heatsink do you have on the chip?