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Proper flow order for H20?

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Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
I am expecting a Swiftech Quiet Power tomorrow and have noticed something weird. The flow that is set up is pump>block>rad. I thought it should go pump>rad>block. How much of a difference in Celcious will the different paths be? Also this thing ships with 75% water and 25% coolant. I am the first to acknowlage that coolant sucks at heat transfer and is too viscious, I don't use any in my car! How much will this affect temps? Should I empty the system and just use water and water wetter? Thanks.
I just started watercooling but from all the gurus here Ive read that it should go from the radiator to the waterblock, so the block gets the coldest possible water flow....

Just copy Hoot, thats what I did :D

Hoot linkage
I personally have never tested to see which would work better. But many have claimed to. Now I personally would rather have the rad after the cpu. But I also run a res in my systems. Now for these I would say stick to the res/cpu/rad/res. But if you had an inline pump I think that going pump/rad/cpu/pump would work pretty good.
As far as the mixture inside, I would dump it and go with water and water wetter. Thats been proven time and time again that it has a better drop in temps that any type of collant inside.

First off, I'm not an expert and I don't claim to be. We definitely need Hoot or some other more experienced guys in here to give us the final word...

But... I've never really thought about the order before. My setup has always been pump --> block --> rad --> pump etc. I guess I always figured that the purpose of the water going through the block is to pick up the heat from the cpu, then the radiator is supposed to dissipate that heat.

But I suppose if you wanted to 'chill' the water first that would also make sense.

I dunno. At any rate, the way I've been doing it seems to work. :D
Before Iwent to a bong I tried the rad before and after the cpu and never had, what I feel, is enough of a difference to matter. The difference that I saw was only a couple tenths of a degree c in water temp. My old system did not have a res. so I don't know if that might make a difference although it seems to me that it wouldn't. Definitely use r/o or distilled water with water wetter. Sounds like your doing things right so far by leak testing!
Some time ago, Colin did quite a bit of research on this. Do a search through cooling along these lines, with his name mentioned, and I'm sure you'll be able to find it.