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Proper way to "Lap" a FOP32-1? Someone know a URL?

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Feb 9, 2001
[RIght after posting this, I found a good article... www.hardwareoc.com]

I am getting an FOP32-1, but I really want the cooling of a FOP38 :)

I know this won't happen with the stock fan, but I want to get the best results possible.

I have Arctic Thermal II ready to be applied, and I really want to LAP the HS to maybe squeeze that extra degree of cooling out of it.

[I do plan on putting an 80mm fan on soon, but I still need to lap :)]

If someone could explain in detail (sandpaper grits etc) on exactly how to do this, that would be great! I suspect there has to be an article on this at one of the OC sites, I just cant find it right now...

First lay your emery paper on a flat piece of glass. I use a Corian cutting board. Wet sand the HS starting with 400, then 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit. It should look like a mirror now. Then rinse the HS, get a fresh sheet of 2000 grit and lap it a bit more using Artic Silver as the lubricant instead of water. Rinse, dry and install with Artic Silver.

Nevin gave me the idea to try the Artic Silver as a lapping lube. It dropped my FOP 32 temps 2C over my previous lapping job.