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prophet 2 mx cooling

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I ripped the original heatsink off the core, cut it in half and stuck it on the rams with a 50mm fan. On the core I slapped a blorb. Didn't lap it, sadly.
Maybe the original HS could have used some lapping too. Might have gotten few more (meaningless) MHz out of it maybe.

Those mods got me about 5MHz more to core, which now runs at 205MHz. The memories got about 10MHz more, they're now running at 215MHz. The only time it exhibits artifacts is when playing Max Payne. No artifacts in 3DMark2k1.
how did you get 5 cm fan on heatsink half the size and what is lapping
Perhaps it's a stupid question, but what the hell is a "blorb" ???? Something new on the cooling grounds?
I cut the original heatsink in half and stuck it on the rams. It's just enough for a 50mm fan. I attached the fan with a ziptie, it stays there happily.

Lapping is a process of using finegrain (600+) sandpaper to make the bottom of the heatsink flatter & smoother. I haven't done any lapping myself, so I can not give any detailed explanations. Basically you just use 2-sided tape to attach some finegrain sandpaper to a mirror (for instance) and start rubbing it... Someone else will be able to give a more detailed explantion, I'm sure.

The "Blorb" is a Blue Orb, hence the name.
It is a heatsink made for cooling GPUs & chipset northbridges. Looks nice (as orbs do...), especially on a card made by guillemot/hercules, because of the blue PCB they use in them.

And remember, stupid questions are the only ones left unasked.
Thx a lot, I knew what a blue orbb was so I must be sleepy today. Luckily there are a lot people here who share the same interests. I believe that these forums stimulate the whole readers community to be creative and try new things. How would any research team stand up to this I wonder ;D
I have an Asus Geeforce2 MX. All I did to it so far was add an old 486 fan to the sink on the core. No sink on the ram yet. It now runs stable at 240core/215mem. I am going to add some ram-sinks and see if I can get the memory up a little more. Part of this is just luck in getting a good core/ram/
Well, atleast you got a good core on your MX :)

From what I've seen, it usually goes like this: if you get high memory clocks, your core craps out and if your core clocks high, your memories won't take much more than default clocks. That's what I've seen awfully lot with MXs.

For istance, my littlebrother got an MX too. Its core goes nicely to 250MHz, without anykind of artifacts, but his memories won't go beyond 150MHz without crapping out. Kinda makes me pissed off to see things like that happen, especially in family.