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Props to my Barracuda 7200.12

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Oct 27, 2008
One of my Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 died yesterday after about 8 years of service! Not bad for a consumer level hard drive!

How much life have you guys gotten out of standard hard drives? The use and environment obviously play a part in this but i'm just curious to see your feedback.
I've rarely had any HDDs die on me. So far I only lost external drives, 1 with a defect controller which is now inside my system and the other one I couldn't figure out, I guess it was the HDD (after 2 years). My first external HDD won't spin up anymore, but it was unused for like 5 years and is overall 10 years old.

All my other drives are still working perfectly, they are around 5-6 years old. My machine is powered up almost daily. I would say over 5 years is a pretty good number, 8 is just amazing. I actually never expected the drives to hold up that long. I always preach to my friends that HDDs are wear parts and they will die rather sooner than later.
That's an impressive lifespan for those drives. I saw numerous numbers of the 7200.11 and 7200.12s fail in my years as a pc tech at a university, but I suppose the ones that were going to last just kept working. luck of the draw I suppose.
Lets see... I had a 60MB RLL drive die in my PS/2 server back in 1998 so 9 years?

I had two IBM Deathstars 75 GXP drives die within the warranty period, only to be replaced by more drives to die in the warranty period, only to get sold to whoever would take those replacements.

I still have a Seagate 7200.10 drive that was purchased in 2007? and has seen lots of use and abuse, but wont die. Every other seagate (which I had 5-6 7200.11 or .12 drives) has died a more horrible death, usually about a week out of warranty.

I had a Seagate ST3000DM001 die, and its dead replacement is sitting on my desk just outside warranty. Note: DONE with seagate.

Meanwhile, my OLD Conner 170MB hard drive that came with my first 'new' computer back in 94-95 still works. Its in my cousin's redhat 6 pc acting as a firewall for the past 12 years or so.
It's not really the number of years but the number of run time hours that's the most important. I leave my computers on 24/7 so they are pretty much the same. Powering up cycles is also important so I try to keep those to a minimum by keeping the computers on all the time.
I think I still have a sata 1 120GB 10 years old drive running in the rig in sig. Took it out out of and athlon x2 64 laptop...