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PS: Antec 400W or Enermax 450W?

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New Member
Mar 25, 2002
Hi everyone! I have been wondering around the board for a while and this is my first post. You guys have a great community here.

I have decided build a new system around May/June and I might as well start here now.

1. Antec 400W vs Enermax 450W?
They are about the same price around here and wondering which one to buy. Any advise?

2. If I buy one of those, would it really matter when overclocking what kind of case I buy? would some big generic case with some fans be any worse than buying say Antec 1040?

I'm considering P4 1.6a or 1.8 on THII7, 256 samsung rdram.

Thanks! :)
1st off i own none of them... hehe :D ..i'm a big generic PSU owner... (not really lover, only OWNER) any how, enermaxs are great, exspecially if you get one w/ the fan speed controller on the back.. and then they are very exspensive.. if you have the money then thats a plus...

now antecs are really nice PSUs also, i did however own one of these for a short period of time it was a 300w its now powering 900mhz t-bird :D

both would be good choices, if you a little tight w/ cash and need a really good PSU get antec... if you have extra cash and need the name of glory get the enermax....

now.... a few cons..

i read a thread not but a day or two ago,someone on here had a problem w/ pushing there processor over the limit they were at (already overclocked) and he asked for a little help... and someone said it might be his PSU so he switched it and what do u know... he was able to overclock it evenfurther, the bad news is.. the original PSU he was using was a Enermax 431w. ..now thats just in his case.. alot of others i'm sure have no problems.. and a downside to antec was i wanted to get a 510w PSU from them but i heard it had a 24pin connector and not a 20pin connector... i'm not sure if the 400w your looking at has this problem or not (probably not) so either way i hope to have added a little help to your deciscion, goodluck... and..........

just my opinion...

Just my opinion....

get the antec, its a lil bit cheaper, 400 watts is good for most high tech systems, and you can adjust the line volts inside the ps.. just look in the forum for other posts.. good luck with whatever you get :)

btw Im getting an antec (just got the tax refund check upgrades here I come))
If noise is a problem for you, look into a Whiser Quiet Enermax. I have the Antec, and the fan is too loud for my taste. It's supposed to be thermally controlled, but I haven't noticed any changes in its speed
One other thing...if you do decide to go Antec, make sure you get the PP412X, not the PP403X, cause this is the one w/ the extra plug for the P4. I made the mistake of thinking the 403 was Pentium 4 complient...and well, its not. So get the 412. Good Luck!
I've not owned either of those, but they're both probably good. I've heard some problems with the Enermaxes though (low voltages, etc) until you mod them.

Personally, I've got an Enlight 300w supply that's done well by me. I'm probably going to upgrade to a 400 or 460 watt Enlight shortly. I've noticed that since adding a 2nd hard drive into my system with it as overclocked as it is, I'm getting some flakiness. Of course, I've got two 7200 RPM hard drives, a 24x burner, a T-bird o/c from 1000 to 1450 MHz @1.92v (according to MBM), a GF2 GTs o/c to 220/370, an SB Live! and a NIC. Rather a large load for a 300w power supply I suspect.

I am considering possibly a Sparkle as well, but will probably end up with the Enlight.
get the enermax, mine is inaudible, and my +5 volt line doesnt go under 5.03 no matter what speed i am at....and trust me, its worth the extra money, the entra fan really helps with case airflow too...which is a good thing:clap:
I would get the enermax, I have really liked mine (431watt) and the 5v line never goes under 5.05v during idle and load.

I have also heard they have really good costumer support if anything is wrong with it.
Go with the Antec, I own 3 Enermax and 1 Antec, the Antec( even though it is only a 300 watt supply) has .12 v higher on my 5v rail then all of my Enermaxes. This voltage was checked at the Mosfets, at the Molex Conectors, all were 5.3 to 5.5v.
Personally I would get the Antec SX1040. It's a sweet case, with sweet ventilation and comes with a sweet 400W antec PSU.

I just ordered a 400 Watt antec, and am looking for a case like the SX1000 series, but a fullt tower instead. Like the Chieftech DA-01BD.
Re: Antec pricing...

turboalpine said:
Actually you can get Antec power supplys cheaper at www.cruxworks.com than over at NewEgg, which is pretty amazing considering how good NewEggs prices are.

That's where I got my Antec from. Thumbs up for CruxWorks. Se my comment at RR
Antecs cheap!!!

You can get refurbished Antec retail 400watt power supply at NewEgg right for 49.00 dollars!!! Just ordered me two of those puppies. Also they have the 510 watt Antec for 69.00 dollars.

don't know if i would trust a refurb psu. but i would get whatever is cheaper. both are good psu,