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PS Wiring Extension??

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Are you my Daddy?
May 28, 2002
Sector 7G
Is there a universal standard gauge size for PSU Wires, and if so, what gauge is it? I'm about <--> this close from rippin my motherboard ATX connector on my Gateway and I need (If possible, :() to extend the wires.

TIA! :):):)


Jul 14, 2002
On my cheap PSU the wires have "20 AWG" printed on them, but on my better PSUs the wires are marked "18 AWG."

Yesterday, I found that you can't always tell the wire guage from the outer diameter because I had a fat wire inside a quality PSU that was just 22 guage.


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Jul 13, 2002
Shoreline WA/USA
Hi Penguin-
If you elect to do this yourself this may help....The manual for my Antec TruePower 550 has conductor sizes for all the connectors....ATX main connector is as follows:

Pin 1: +3.3VDC Orange (16AWG)
Pin 2: +3.3VDC Orange (16AWG)
Pin 3: Com Black (16AWG)
Pin 4: +5VDC Red (16AWG)
Pin 5: Com Black (16AWG)
Pin 6: +5VDC Red (16AWG)
Pin 7: Com Black (16AWG)
Pin 8: POK Gray (18AWG)
Pin 9: +5VSB Purple (18AWG)
Pin 10: +12VDC Yellow (16AWG)
Pin 10: +12VDC Yellow (18AWG) sense
Pin 11: +3.3VDC Orange (16AWG)
Pin 11: +3.3V Brown (22AWG) default sense
Pin 12: -12VDC Blue (18AWG)
Pin 13: Com Black (16AWG)
Pin 14: PS ON Green (18AWG)
Pin 15: COM Black (16AWG)
Pin 16: COM Black (16AWG)
Pin 17: COM Black (16AWG)
Pin 18: -5V White (18AWG)
Pin 19: +5VDC Red (16AWG)
Pin 20: +5VDC Red (16AWG)
Pin 20: +5VDC Red (22AWG) sense

I gotta believe these wire sizes would work fine on anything up to/less than a 550 Watt PSU....LOL...although the standard disclaimer applies