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Psu Choice

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Oct 18, 2002
Well hello again, i just wanted to give another hint how to drop temperature significantly. Though i just bought a new Globalwin SAK - 38 @ 7200 rpm, my CPU ( Celeron 1300 @ 1600 ) was getting quite hot even in idle. I got around 54 ° C while doing absolutely nothing and 66 ° C in UT 2003, which was quite poor, regarding the fact that I had a good CPU Cooler and 3 Case Fans exhausting warm air and keeping warm air out. The chipset temperature was always around 33 °... But then someone higher helped me out of this mess. I accidentaly killed my Power Supply, so I had to buy a new one and of course I decided for one with 2 fans integrated. Now one is sucking hot air right from the CPU into the PSU while another one is exhausting it. My Idle Temps dropped from 54 ° to 45 ° and the Chipset / Case Temperature dropped from 34 ° to 27 °...

Thats all, I payed around 49 €, thats nearly the same in dollars I think...

so cya and low temperatures 2 ya all :D
i had the opposite happen to me!! i got a dual fan psu from Compusa (500w) and although my voltages have corrected i have seen a 6-10c rise in temperature!! to make it more interesting the rig is watercooled too!!!! not sure what's going on here.
how did u place the psu? did u arrange it this way, that the second fan is pointing to the cpu or to the top of the case ?