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PSU fans mod?

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Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
hey guys, got a question for you.
i'm using an Enermax 431W whishper, and i'm just wondering, is it possible to open up the PSU, and change the 2 fans to 2 Sunon 50cfm, without voiding the warranty?

Thanks ahead.:D
Change PSU fans

Be very careful when taking warranty sticker off, use a hair dryer to heat it up first, worked for me
Well what he said. If the sticker is ripped, warranty voided. Just becareful because, inside the PSU, the fans are going to be connected internally with the soldered wires, your going to need to cut the wire, strip them and reconnect them, and do the same to the other fan.
If you do get the sticker off and you need to return it or ship it back for any reason make sure you put the old fans back in. And be careful.:)
i just opened an old ATX cheap psu for a look, and the fan inside is Detla:eek: , but the fan was connected with a 2pin connector, inside.....do you guys know if my whisper are the same using the pin?
enermax fans

I think the fan on the bottom is a 92mm...

You might also want to short the thermistor for the rear fan so it runs at full speed. I did.