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PSU - Help!!!

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Dec 5, 2003
Ok, so I set up a peltier cooling system. Done some hardcore research on it for about 3 weeks straight, so I'm 95% sure I didn't do anything I wasn't supposed to, although I'm still open to that possibility. So here's the deal:

Ordered the MCW462-UHT waterblock/pelt combo from Swiftech (which is working wonderfully btw....as far as I know that is).

Saw that I would need a dedicated PSU, so I ordered this PSU from Amamax.

Please note that the PSU supports up to 25 amps on a +12 volt rail, which I figured would suffice for the power draws of the TEC.

Last night I finally got the water-cooling portion of the setup working, fully bled and leak-free. I then decided to try out the pelt with my new psu. Wired it in, everything worked great. Even took some pics of the coldplate with ice on it. I noticed the wires were getting pretty hot to the touch, so I decided to split the power draw two ways. That seemed to work.

So this morning I get up and start working on it again, this time with the intention of getting the entire system finally up and running so I can see some overclocks. Now here's where things start to get a little fuzzy, since this covers a few hours in time after I had just woken up.

I recall one time when I was wiring the TEC back into the PSU I did something funky with the wires, something like wiring both black into one set of the molex wires and both yellow wires into the other set of the molex wires....please remember that I split the power draw two ways so as not to overheat the wiring. Oh and when I say "set of the molex wires" I mean there's two sets of wires coming out of the PSU, both with molex connections and both intended for use with optical or hard drives or what have you.

Anyways, sometime within that timeframe, I also recall smelling smoke. I turned everything off in a rush and checked everything again, and it all seemed to be fine, at least to the best of my knowledge. Remember I spent about 3 weeks researching this, so I'm pretty sure I didn't mess anything up, although, once again, it is possible.

So when I finally got the whole thing set up, I turned it on, and the psu for the tec only stays on for a few seconds before shutting off. Not a good thing. I'm sure it's a problem with the psu because I wired another psu into the mobo and it works fine - also implying that my processor is (thankfully) not fried.

I should note that I turned off the fan protection in my BIOS settings, I'm pretty sure you guys/gals know what it is, but just to be clear the mobo will send a signal to shut off if it detects that there is no cpu fan or that it isn't spinning or whatever. Just to make sure it wasn't that, I even plugged in several 3-pin fans that start up as soon as you give them power. I even used my old HSF, to no avail.

So my question is this: Do you guys think something happened to the PSU, maybe through fault of my own or just poor workmanship, or is it something else? And if it's the PSU, I'm just gonna bite the bullet and get a true dedicated TEC PSU, like a meanwell. So along those lines - which brand and which model should I get?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. Sorry for the long post, like I said my memory gets kinda fuzzy at one point and I thought that if I used a fair amount of detail, maybe I would end up recalling some more.
I clicked the picture in the linky you had... I ended up with a picture of a 500W PSU saying "X-Case Power 500W".
By checking the side label it says "21A MAX" on the +12V line.
21Amps is really borderline with that high power TEC.

Does your PSU say different?
Just checked my PSU, and it says for a +12 volt rail it's rated at a max of 24 amps.
That PSU will almost certainly not give you an actualy 21A.

The only way IMO to go TEC is with an industrial PSU.

Check out Pyramid or MEanwell PSU's.

I'd RMA that PSU for a refund, it's crap.
So after thinking about it some more, I do believe the psu croaked on me in some form or another. I'm going to order a new psu, but I want the margin of error on my end to be as small as possible, so I'm considering this psu kit . Any thoughts?
I think I've figured out the problem, I set everything up as I had it when the pelt was working just fine and *surprise* it worked just fine. What I was doing was wiring the pelt's psu into the mobo so it would turn on without needing the second psu to turn it on....kind of a test setup. I didn't think there was too much excessive power draw, since I didn't have any drives or pci cards on the psu or the mobo, but I forgot to factor in the power draw of the cpu. So all I have to do is set it up so my original psu powers the computer, and the new psu powers only the pelt.

I've seen some posts regarding connecting the black and the green wires, but could anyone be a bit more specific? My old psu is what I was using to power my aircooled system, and it's gonna be directly connected to the mobo via the atx connector. So here's my new question: do I strip a green wire on the psu connected to the mobo via atx connection, or do I strip a black wire on the psu connected to the mobo via atx connection (a.k.a. the psu that will not be powering the pelt).

Thanks again in advance.