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PSU prolly died... need help, please.

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Sep 12, 2014
Hello. To be sure ill ask here too. So in a short i wasnt at home for 4 days...before left PC was working as always....so i turned off, switched off psu and took out from wall socket. After i got back home and turned everything on....PC didnt react to power button all it did was light up mobo leds and onboard buttons.

Ok i found a very cheapo multimeter at home and followed instructions with paper clip too... So i plugged in 24 pin and one molex adapter for fan, shorted with paper clip and turned on psu....fan is spinning. After that theres a video about testing the connection on molex......so one side where should be 5V it shows 6.5x and other wheres 12V it keeps upping to more than 15V.....ok 12V one goes over 20V. Ill try to find some walktrough about testing 24pin one so to be a bit more sure...but if theres over voltage so thats a PSU for sure....as i really dont want to part away with my maximus :)

Ok both sides keep upping voltage 5V side goes past 7V too...

So to summarise - Molex connector V is goin way over 12V and 5V. Tested orange 3.3V or 24pin too and it goes over 6V(cant get this secured in as those pins are smaller than tester tips....but it goes up.

So after all this even tho shorting with paper clip did turn on fan from molex...but is V is keep upping up my PSU is broken and im safe to buy new one?

Thank you in advance and i really do like if something is wrong with PC as i learn something new...sadly its very costly discoveries....
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Just to be clear as ive been doing something like that for the first time. So if my measured rail voltages goes pretty much 2x higher than it should be....its deffinately PSU and not my error? Followed all instructions in the video...even more found a video with pretty much similar multimeter and did all on that side the same.... so its possible that overvoltage protection on turned off PSU just can die like that without anythig...like no hurricanes and lightnings close, nor shorts in electricity box.... so it decide just to give up exactly in those four days while it was without any kind of power connected to it?!

Anyways ive chose Seasonic Focus Plus 550W Gold as it gets pretty much best revievs in that category.
It seems strange, but if the black meter lead was in one of the two center sockets on the molex connector and the red lead was in the yellow wire socket, and you got an actual 20v reading, then that PSU is bad. The hope then would be that feeding 20v through your mobo didn't let the Magic Smoke out of anything.

That's a nice PSU you picked, but I might go 650w with that CPU and a GTX 970. But I like overkill. LOL
Quite welcome. As I said, if your testing was accurate (and it at least sounds like you put the required effort in), then it's pretty straightforward. Any chance the PSU is still under warranty? I think they came out in 2013.
here locally they give pretty much for everything only 2 to 3 years warranty...after that its up to me to get it to manufacturer, if they offer higher warranty(Latvia pwns) So all in all my psu is almost 4 years old and prolly about year ago i did open it to clean it a bit better as we have 2 cats and a dog....pretty much always void varranty seal after local warranty ended, cos after that its pretty much pain to send back that will cost me atleast half of the new ones. All in all im fine with outcome as im heavy gamer and rig is up for atleast 7hrs per day gaming.
It's worth seeing if they'll cover shipping. We just had an announcement that our Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on cancelling the warranty seals on a lot of products. They can't deny warranty just because you cleaned it if that didn't cause the problem. I would contact Corsair and see. Even with your new PSU a refurbed Corsair would make a good back up. :D
Im just way too used to Latvia rat warranty where you have to get naked and prove you are not an elephant, so they take your damaged stuff for warranty :) But then again once i bought a logitech refurbished mouse on ebay and broke receiver as it got stuck in PC - so contacted logitech by asking where i can buy new one and they sent me one for free of charge.... but not all companies are so generous and like in this case, where i bought - they give 2year warranty....so 2years no matter what item it is and if i need to work with warranty on my own, sending something out of EU will cost atleast 30to40 euro. But ive sent an email and lets hope i get atleast a reply :)
Soo, Corsair didnt ansver and now i have an extra PSU for future..... Got my new psu, tear apart pc and put it back from scrach......nothing smells funny or some indication of bloat/burn or how its called. So put everything back together and get same ****. Mobo all leds turn on and thats it, no indication of PC turning on even for a 1/10second when i press power button......so next this and prolly only one is my maximus hero vii dead?

I tried removing rams and powering on, even disconnected vga/drives....nothing. So any suggestions if there is any easy way to test if mobo is dead as it will be cheaper to get a new mobo(ok, not so fancy like this) than send to some tech guy ...

NVM..... that damn machine just started working and worst thing is, I DONT KNOW WHY!!!! Istarted pushing puttons on mobo and looks like when i pressed keybot putton red led turned on and after i get to the power button on mobo....it ****ing started..... now i really dont know whats fault it is and if its safe to try and put back the old PSU....
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Worst in all this, that im too dumb to make it what was the problem. Even if that was a dead psu...then why it didnt turn on for first 20minutes, but after holding doen cmos button on mofo and then pressin keybot one that turned on....that will give me nightmares lol
it might be a good idea to make sure all of your cables etc are nice and tight. you may just have a loose cable somewhere.
With my english i prolly cant make the right point, but i couldnt turn on PC without moving it or anything as i just turned it off as i was goin away for 4 days.....After i returned it just didnt power on and i did check every cable in PC. Even now when i bought new PSU and reconnected everything - PC didnt power on and only started to power on after i pressed few buttons that hero vii has on board.... now PC is working and still searching every imaginary key words for google to have some explanation, why the hell it started to work...