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PUBG on Mobile - Anyone Playing?

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Aug 5, 2002
While might be out of sorts in this section, since its a mobile version... curious if anyone has had the chance to try it?
I never played the PC version but spend 90min last night playing 3 matches and wow... amazed how well it preforms (FPS - High, Graphics - High) and was flawless. First time playing was happy that I ended up in the top 20 then top 10 players for the last 2 rounds. Ping looked to be around 70-90ms via wifi. For a match if on LTE data wasn't bad at less than 10meg for 20-25min matches.

For all the issues I know it was giving Xbox release on console and not the "stellar" performance on PC at times but they sure did show them with this release.
Playing the PC version, there is no way I would want to play the mobile version... and its really one of the only/main games I play currently.

1. I spend too much time playing at night already
2. Its neutered (graphics and capabilities)... so no thanks.
I play so many different things on different pieces of equipment it really doesn't bother me :) I never played this and since its free, figured why not give it a whirl on my new phone. Eager to try out Fortnite when it comes to Android Mobile.
i played it once on mobile, got excited that i got a chicken dinner first game with 11 kills only to be shot down when everyone said its because the first few rounds are bots :(