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pump mods?

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Mar 24, 2002
Plymouth, MN
Does anybody have any suggestions or know links on how to hook up a pump so it will come on when you turn on your system, without having to plug it in separetly everytime.
You could get a relay and tap off the power switch for your coil side if you get the right relay. I'm gonna do it when I complete my watercooling setup.
I've built a relay switch into an outlet box with wires coming out for a molex connectors, and another set for a female power cord connector I jacked off an old psu. I then mounted my female jack on the back off my case so now the only difference is I have two power cords. The real reason behind the outlet box is now I don't have to hack at my pump cables to connect them I just plug it in inside the case.

Someday I'll have pics :rolleyes:
Along with the female power jack, you may want to add a bypass switch so you can run the pump for filling & bleeding. An old PSU is a good source for both the switch and the jack.
u can just fold and leave it on 24/7 like me, than u dont need to worry about shutting down:)
Thanks for all the help guys, the link was espeacially useful. I'll see what I can whip up. I'd run the pump 24/7, but I don't want the pump to break any sooner than it has to. I don't know how long they last anyway.
Aquarium pumps are designed to be run 24/7. The original intent of an aquarium pump is to circulate are in a fish tank so the fishies don't suffocate.

Turning them on and off reduces their life span. Much safer to leave them on all the time.

I'm not claiming to be an expert on pumps, but that's what most experts say.