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Pump placement - decoupling - drainage tips

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New Member
Aug 10, 2016

I just finished upgrading my system with a new 420mm Radiator on top and replaced the old fans with brand new Noctua NF-A14 fans.
All in all I´m quite happy with the perfomance of the water cooling loop.
What I dont like is that despite the Shoggy Sandwich, the pump is still transfering quite a lot of vibration onto the case.

I assume that this is due to the hard tubing or more precisely due to my lack of skill with it. This is my first build, except that I just upgraded it but all in all my first and only loop, so I am not really well skilled with the bending of the tubes and I dont have enough tubing to just create a graveyard of failed bends before inserting the bended tubes into my system :D

My question is now, what you think the problem. Is it the hard tubing connected to the pump which is causing the vibrations and if so, would it help to simply redo the bends in a way that it wont be under as much stress as it is right now?
The line from the GPU to the pump is under a lot of stress as the bend is not 100% perfectly.
Or do you think or rather have the experience that the pump can not be decoupled properly when using hard tubing, since the tubes will always transfer the vibrations no matter what.

If that is true then I would like to look into buying a new case which has a seperate compartment for the pump. Then I could use soft tubing to connect the pump without having soft tubes inside the main compartment :)

Another question is about the drainage system I currently have. I can tilt the case as much as I want but there is always fluid left in the system which wont flow to the drainage port by itself.
Would somethink like this help? Any experience with it? http://www.aquatuning.de/wasserkueh...hilfe/20503/alphacool-pumpin-gum-ball-schwarz

I guess if this should build up any pressure I would need to be able to stop the flow from the reservoir to the pump so that the air will be channeled through the complete loop into the drainage port if i use the pumping ball on the top reservoir position. Is that correct?

Thanks for any suggestions and input :)


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Water Cooling Senior Member, #TEAMH20HNO
May 22, 2011
I believe its a combination of things.

For one, those pumps as apposed to D5s or even DDCs are pretty loud. I've read that in their own forums from other user's complaints. Nice pumps but I would have personally went with their Aquabus D5. Regardless, it's still a good pump.

The hard tubing will transfer that vibration to the rest of the loop.

A few things you can try but don't take my word for it, go with soft tubing which will result in extra spending for new fittings and tubing. I think that can help muffle the sound along with washers for every screw used on the case. That's what I have done and feel I've done well in the noise compartment.


Sep 30, 2014
Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil
@baloothebear, I should would try to put a soft tube between the pump and the GPU and the pump and the res, just to see how much the pump vibration is transfering to the rig. If it is significant you may think about a permanent arrangement with soft tubes connecting the pump.
In another scale I have a similar problem at home. I have a powerful water pressurizer to compensate the low water pressure I have here.
The freaking thing was so noisy that we couldn't hear the TV when somebody was doing the dishes.
After installing some soft tubes between the pressurizer and the rigid pipes in the walls it turned almost inaudible.
It's worth trying IMO.


Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
That EHEIM pump is not a vibrationless pump. I've had a few, and tho a good workhorse of a pump, they vibrate like hell. Nothing you will do will stop it from vibrating everything loose. Your best bet, if you continue to use that pump, is to use soft tubing. If you want to continue using hard tubing, then get a DDC or D5 pump.

Nice job for a first timer :thup:


Sep 15, 2007
Small town Emlenton, PA
Yep, you have a very old outdated pump. Time to get rid of it. It was the best back in the day, ohh 1995 (12 years ago) or so, but the D-5 series re-branded by many manufacturers and the MCP series also redone by Swiftech is where you need to move to.

The D-5 series is 1/2 the size and the quietest one out there. The MCP series is 1/4 the size of your monster and has great ratings.

Both have almost and double of the ratings of the old pump you have. Less noise less wattage all 12 VDC.