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Pump Question

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Jun 25, 2001
Hi, i was wondering if it would be possible to hook up a rheostat to my mag drive supreme 700 gph pump. I looked for some stuff to do it with at radioshack and couldnt find anything that would work on a 110 ac pump. Does anyone have any suggestions? And i am sorry i am not sure if this should go in alt mods or here. If it should go in alt mods i will just start the post there. Thanks
It would be a lot easier to just put a hose clamp on the output hose if you are trying to reduce the flow. You could also instal a Mag 5 impeller.
Thats a great idea with the light dimmer. Does anyone know if underpowering a pump would hard I have heard with some more sophiticated electronics it can damage them, but this isnt exactly high tech its just a magnet and a magnetic spinning propeller thing. Thanks for your help