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Pump question...

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Mar 9, 2002
Was at my local comp store the other day and saw two of these http://store.yahoo.com/watergarden/calmagdrivpu.html in a bargain bin for $2.99 each. I am thinking of using them in combination with a maxijet 250 (70gph) that I had laying around from a previous *cough* project to get a watercooling setup started..

The two Cal pumps are submersible and the Maxi can be used inline or submersible. My question would be what would be the most effective way to use them? All submersed the resivour like this (I'll make a proper res after I figure out exactly what I'm gonna do):
or the two Cals in the res with the Maxi inline very close to the waterblock or rad..??

The rad is a 87 Escort heatercore that I picked up for $15.99 at a local radiator shop, with 4 80mm fans attached and 3/8 barbs.
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Feb 22, 2002
That seems like a good idea. The pumps would be small enough to fit into the reserviour, but they are not that strong. I wouldn't try to put the the whole circulation on one pump. Instead, I think it would be very good, and would improve your temps if you did something like:
use one pump only for the cpu
use the other for any gpu, and mb, etc cooling.
then have a T connector connect them to one line, and connect that line to the inline pump, which would them pump directly into the radiator.
I think you'd get good results like that, especially with all that flow going through the radiator.

Let us know how you make out.