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Pump went out on me today

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Jun 23, 2002
New Mexico
So my pc aint up I had a becooling mini jet 404 had it since April well It aint pumpin any more so I was thinking of getting the
Via Aqua 1300 370gph Pump/Reservoir 54.00 USD what do you think I would like something with a res already hooked up thanks and hurry its payday today.
My vote is now that you havn't had an Ehiem, try their reliability out now <g>

Really. You might as well spend it now. If you ever move up or swap systems It's nice to have components that aint so behind the times underpowered that you have to swap anyways. <g>

It's like if you spent that initial $300 on a GF2 Ultra... The things still give fairly good scores AND even though it was a big initial investment, You just got to skip buying so many product cycles that by the time you really HAVE to upgrade(getting that time) You've spent less money overall. Even though that's a bad example, it is one none the less.

I know not everyone can afford the extra money, but why not? It's not like the moeny we're tlaking here is hard to obtain at any rate. Alot of the guys here now wanting to get into this are I'd guess around 13-16 right now. Well if you can afford the components, you can save another little bit to have something that's even more important... Piece of mind. The simple fact is that you spend so much more in the long run by using horrid components. Why risk so many expencive items? We run enough risks allready, but if you're any good, they just become calculated risks.

I remember my dad telling me when I was little and bought some tool I wanted. He said, "It's not that it's a bad tool son, but you get what you pay for." It wasn't much longer than that, that it was broken.


So just remember guys, when you buy cheap parts, you're getting what you pay for.
The Ehiem 1048 will work just fine. I use the 1250, but found if you do not have a open flowing system you will be adding more pump heat because of back pressure. Don't get caught up in the GPH's because many pumps do not deliver what is quoted. By all means if you have a system of 3/8" ID with no sharp 90 degree fittings the 1250 will work great. Really depends on all variables in the system.
Would the 1048 be able to pump through a 1/2" system, that highest point being roughly two feet?
How are you defining 1/2" system ID or OD? A true 1/2" system using 1/2" ID tubing would have 5/8" OD fittings and currently no water blocks that I know of are shipping with this size fittings.
I think I would refer to Eheims site and see what the pumps will deliver at a 2 foot head. You may fine out that the 1048 will not deliver what your block will allow. Have you tested your block? Remember PSI will have a affect on how many GPH will flow through the block. Hoot ran into this problem during his water block roundup. He use the water spigot at the sink and forgot that his home water pressure was about 60 psi. His flow rates were not correct for the water blocks.
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i also suggest a better pump, you need a RELIABLE pump, not an expencive pump, the via are NOT reliable... maxijets are, eheims are... any others?