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Purchased an epox8kta+/duron650 intending to overclock/reviews ok...sheesh!

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New Member
Feb 28, 2001
Dont say this too often but geeze...I can use all the input i can get from anyone willing to read the the maze of crap ive been through with this board...lol
The scoop::
Upgrading a buddy of mines sys.
got all the parts & built a :new case /powersupply hon hai250w
epox 8kta+ mobo with duron 650
new seagate 20 gyg hdd udma66
new pcitel 56k
lpt2/com add on isa card (for his ecc scanner)
used his old 1997 all in wonder pro 8mb agp
rage pro chipset/mach 64 driver tv tuner
used last years mem upgrade I did for him
2- 64 mb micron pc100 sdram
used mitsumi 4x burner
new 40x genica cd-rw cdrom

ok...gettin thick in here now....
jammed on win98
installed the via mobo chipset 4 in 1 drivers
usb/all that crap
fires up & no com ports/jumbled irq settings conflicts everywhere.hours later after looking for every little descrepency i ran the driver uninstall 4 times!!
to remove multiple sets of drivers installed....snafooing everything...
finally get the sys somewhat stable and sent home to my buddy...
he plugs in a usb joystick & the thing freaks....
after a few minutes of research @ the epox site i find
a fkash bios fix for sidewinder joysticks...
after calling my vendor to make sure i could re-flash the bios on the board without it voiding warranty I booted off a floppy and nuked that baby...
we thought the prob was solved!!
we downloaded the latest 4 in 1 pak just to make sure..
then for the past 2 days .... gaming blue screens..
no vxd errors... just mem addresses.......
checked used mem xxx addresses (device manager , click properties on top computer icon)
we found a bunch of memory adresses asigne to "alius of acpi bios "
we went straight to bios & disabled the acpi in power management.... rebooted..... ohh ****..


totally blew out the ati video driver / loading in default 16 color.... and no cd roms .....still no serial ports
called the vendor again today... told them everything...
they noted that some ati cards need amd patches..
i told them been through that got the latest...
they reccommended to try replacing mem & video
(thinking bad mem adresses on the pc100 )
so here i sit .... im gonna jamm in a pc133 128mb
& riva tnt 16mb tv out sdram card.....

anyinput is greatly appreciated... thanx

Have you tried a 300W power supply? It's recommended for all Durons and Athlons even though some people get by without it depending on the power needs of their system.
I know this sounds complete ridicules, but have u tried to leave the sidewinder?
After I got my new stuff for my comp, I have abandoned my Sidewinder, because every time I uses it mine, my puter goes down.

I really don't know if this can help u, but I thought " It can't hurt anyone to post it"
Anyway, this sounds like something that lies far ahead of my experience, sorry.
I hope u find the "bug"!