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Puting my Gorb to good use

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Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
Since i need to get myself a project....
I think i will drill a hole in a Gorb's base and turn it into a waterblock.
Yes i know it will not be as good as a real waterblock but still its better than a ORB......

So i will take a look at some pumps on my way to work tonight, get an idea of what to buy. And hopfully, get this thing going withen a week or so...

And yes i will get a real waterblock once i upgrade my current system

cBo Celeron 2 633 BX. I can run it stable at 105 FSb using 1.95V post at 117FSB so...

Even if i dont get anymore MHz i will have my watercolling unit working by the time the Athlon 4 (i hate that name) comes out
jay, have you been into AMK lately....4631 East Hastings Street, Burnaby....was there last summer and not too terribly far from you....they seem to have decent stock for overclockers.
i have been to AMK, they dont sell Waterblocks or anything to do with watercollign at all... and they dont like artic silver... (as it can turn to a foil if it gets to hot)

And yes, sunny delight, i have read your work on that... i am just not to sure how long the seal will last...... but i did look at contanier at home... still may give it a try once i get the rest of the watercooling setup going

my CPU is in a slotket so i dont have much room to play with 5 cm and that is all so the Gorb is my BEST (sad isnt it) cooling option. I dont want to lose any of my DIMMS (as they are all full) and i like using the RAM i have spent... but 256 for $65 US, that about $100 Canadain.. so.....

And REVY (local hardware store) sucks ... what am i going to do with a 60GPR or 140 GPR pump... i want 200+ (as i can always scale it back....)

And i do see myself setting a tower up, was looking into a heat pipe a while back, but they dont give very good results as the fluid in the heat pipe has to boil befre it can cool anyything.... so even if i were to use achool it ould have to come to 80C (i think) before it would boil... and I am VERY VERY SURE i dont want anything that is 80C anyware near my CPU....

So i'll let you all know how it goes as i slowly put this together....

And if i fry anything along the way...
its backt o the P2 333, its unlocked, once of the first once that came out, down side to that is , only can hit 420 (4x105), no 500 form this chip

Oh and just to let your all know what i have
Celeron 2 633 cBO (SL3W9) Batch # Q040A07
Abit BF6 (i love this board long live the BX)
64 x 3 megs of RAM (192)
Abit GF MX
2 NIC's yeada yada yada, soundblaster 64 -dvd -sony 8x4x32-floppy
2x250 watt PSU's (one sits on top of my case)
Spode (May 29, 2001 03:30 a.m.):
sunny delight!! sunny delight!!

well, if you want to live on the edge.........Sounds like a plan to see how it performs. Nice backup though if your pump fails for some weird reason.
Spode (May 29, 2001 03:30 a.m.):
sunny delight!! sunny delight!!

for some reason, I kind of figured the sunny d would be mentioned :)

That's too bad the AMK doesn't carry watercooling stuff...they're a pretty decent store though, imo.