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putting a pc into a freezer for cooling

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New Member
Jul 20, 2001
would it be possible to put a pc into one of those little freezers, as to cool the chip and the mobo?
Yes people have done this. You would have to keep the door to the fridge closed at all times though, or else the warm air rushing into the fridge would form condensation on everything
not really, a cpu constantly produces heat and i doubt the freezer could keep up with it.
William (Jul 20, 2001 01:08 a.m.):
not really, a cpu constantly produces heat and i doubt the freezer could keep up with it.

If it don't fit, don't force it. Get a bigger hammer.

If it don't chill, don't fret over it. Get a bigger freezer. ;D
well yes, there is a point at which a freezer could keep up with it, but i doubt even a kitchen freezer could.
I am using a floor standing freezer as a water chiller for the cooling system of one of my TBirds. It is enough to keep it well bellow 0 at all times but the freezer only has to deal with the cpu. I don't think it would have enough oomph to cool an entire system. Also the freezer is a slightly older unit which still uses real freon not this new stuff that we have today that just doesn't seem to work quite as well. If you want to have a look and see if you can get any ideas just click on the home icon under my name.
well i wasnt planning on oc'ing my cpu and then put it in the freezer. i got a p3 600 so it dont overclock too well, and anyways if i was overclocking i wouldnt need the temp to be like -100 degrees below 0 :) as long as it would be cooler then it is now i'd be happy. currently my cpu runs at 120 farenheit (spelling?) when at 100% load and my mboard temp is like 98 at that time. i just want to make it cooler. are there any freezers that are custom made for pc's so u can get all the wires and stuff through to the outside? thanx.
I don't know if they make a freezer like that or anything, but I allways supposed that you could just drill through the side of the thing and when you're done routing your cables, you could just fill in the hole with some foam. I just allways assumed this, but don't know for sure if it works or not.

Why go to such extreme measures if you are not even going to overclock? I believe in keeping things as simple as possible for the given application. Just put a good HSF on the cpu and make sure you have enough case cooling and you will run at lower temps. P3's are very easy to cool. With a Hedgehog/Delta 38 I pushed a P3 866 to a 160fsb with 1.9 volts and it never even hit 100F under prime95. Also had 2 extra 80mm case fans installed 1 lower front intake and the other exaust right behind the cpu.
do u know where i can get this combo? i looked on google and i didnt find any sites with it. i got a slot1 p3. is this combo for a slot1 cpu or only for the socket chips? if its not for slot1 can you recommend some other combo for me? right now i have a vantec cooler dual fan /heatsink combo each fan does like 4900rpms. also does it matter what brand 80mm fan i get for the intake and exhausts? as you can see im a total newbie when it comes to cooling, so any help would be appreciated.
How about installing your computer desk near your (window) air conditioner and simply manipulate it so that the cool air is exhausted into your case. There are many variables you can apply to construct this very simple and highly effective non-freezer technique.