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Putting an AC next to intake fan?

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Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
I was thinking that maybe, i could create a funnel from my airconditioner to a side intake fan in order to lower temps. has anybdoy ever tried this? how are the results? i do not wanna just put it in my room to lower the ambient temps cause i do not like it when my room temp gets below 70f cause it is too cold for me.
it has been done before. WAYYY back i remember some dude that did that with k6-2. only that he had a tunnel straight to the cpu cooler. i dont remember temps.. but he managed to get it running little faster tho.
man you will get sub watercooling temps if u got a good AC.

During a LAN we had 3 boxes on my ktchen table al sid eby side, so it was getting hot. My box was on floor my my door, it was cold out but not freezing. I just set open case by open door, and the outside air wsa about same temp as my AC. My temp went down from 41c to 19c, i didnt believe it my selbut under gaming with Diablo2 and UT it hit 23c load the ambient temp was 15c . So if you can get a good AC with low temps it will DO A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
condensation will happen whenever the air is humid, and there is something colder than the air for the condensation to collect on (rember that glass of Ice Water that gets all wet when you set it outside). Keep a very close eye on your system, and check it every few mins to see if there is water starting to bead up on anything in your computer, if there is shut it down immediatly and do something about it.