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Feb 14, 2002
I have unlocked my processor, i can go higher with my multiplier, but i can't go lower, will not post. I suspect it may be the bios needs flashing and updated. any suggestions? I set the multiplier at 11.5 and fsb to 133 and it posts at 1800.:confused:
Sounds like the cpu isn't fully unlocked.
The only thing you might try is setting the 100-133 jumper to the opposite of what it is now.

My unlocked xp-1900 has worked fine with every bios I have tried.
So there isn't no sure fire way to tell if it is or not? Sorry, i'm new to this and am learning on the fly, this forum has really been a great help.
If it is you should be able to set any multiplier higher or lower and boot at the speed it should for that multiplier.
Maybe some expert in the amd cpu section could tell you what bridges are not connecting right that would cause you only to be able to use a higher multiplier.