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Pwm control motherboard

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Jul 12, 2016
Hi guys.I'm am going to build a pc and I have some questions relative to pwm and fans.How many pwm connectors does a motherboard have?How many fans a pwm can support?Can I control different type of fans with a single pwm connector or I have to connect equal fans?


Cubed Beef Stew Member
Jul 4, 2013
new york
well it depends on the MB. most i run across just have the one pwm header for the CPU fan and maybe one more. but most of the 4 pin headers i see on mb's are not PWM. the fan speed is just controlled by voltage like a 3 pin header. i dont know why the make these "fake pwm" 4 pin headers. probably so they can say they have so many 4 pin headers :shrug:

i've only ever plugged in 2 fans to the CPU pwm header using a splitter. i wouldn't go with more than that unless you get a PWM fan controller. the splitter will just use one fan's rpms and control both fans at the same speed.

in the end i would just make sure the mobo has as many fan headers as you need for the amount of fans you want to control, 3 or 4 pin. remembering you can usually run at least 2 fans off each.