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PWM Pump Question

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New Member
Nov 9, 2016
So I went ahead and bought all of my parts for my loop and am awaiting there arrival. I went with a DDC1 Plus pump.

My question is, what percentages and at what temperature should I set the PWM to?
40c - 50%
50c - 60%
60c - 80%
70c - 100%

Is there a minimum i should run the pump at, at all times? Should I never let it hit 100%?
The maximum RPM on this pump is 4000.

Thank you.
Hard to say as to what will give you a 1.0-1.5 GPM for a efficient running loop. I'd say do some tests and benchmarks. Play with it and see once you hit diminishing returns as in temp changes. Obviously you don't want to run it at 0% or 20%. Too many variables to even start telling you what you should start with. You'll need to use visuals as well as temp reporting to see your sweet spot where the temps don't change for the worse and where the audibles are tolerant would be my best advise. For example, in a large to complex loop, I'd start around 40%-60% and go from there.

Give us a list of your PC and your loop as well as a shot of the whole rig.