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QbitPC - honorable at least

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Dec 18, 2000
Brooklyn Park MN
In early Feb I wanted to buy a BD7-RAID, so I searched on Pricewatch. It comes up with a $120.00 price at QbitPC which at that time was $30.00 cheaper than everyone else.

I went to their website and the board isn't even listed. I called them and the sales guy says that the board is so new for them that it hasn't been listed in their store yet, but it will be in a few hours. I asked him about the price and he confirms that the BD7-RAID will sell for $120.00. He confirms it for me twice because I asked him twice. I wait until it's listed on their website and order one for $120.00. They did not try to screw me on shipping either as UPS ground was $10.00.

I notice that four hours after it gets listed on their website, the price changes to $150.00. Well, they charged my card right away and confirmed my order for $130.00, but I get an e-mail from them stating that because of the number of orders for this board, they ran out of stock. They told me that it would be available to ship in three weeks, and would I like to cancel. I don't need the board right away and I have nothing to lose so I tell them that I will wait.

Once every few days I would make a blind call to the sales people and ask them if they have this board in stock, just to see if I am being jerked around. Every time I called I got to speak to a living person. To their credit, every salesman told me they were out of stock and a shipment would arrive around the end of February.

Every time I called to check on the status of my existing order I was given the same information and asked if I wanted to cancel my order. Well, a BD7-RAID for $130.00 shipped is a pretty good price so I kept my order open.

On Feb 27 I called to check the status of my order. The sales guy told me that they had not received their order yet. Do I want to cancel the order? No, not yet. I am beginning to think I'm getting the royal jerk-off.

Mar 4 the UPS guy shows up at the house with a box from QbitPC containing a brand new BD7-RAID. The invoice clearly states $130.00 shipped. I haven't installed it yet, but like the subject of this thread says, at least they are honorable.


Feb 10, 2002
Right. definately don't order from them if you want your hardware soon. they seem to keep very little in stock and don't try to get things until after you have placed an order. I ordered a couple things fro them and one item wound up back ordered (they called to tell me this after11 days but i had called them 4 times by then). Various people told me it would be in at different times, finally hinting that they may never be able to get it. They gave me the option to cancel but i too was willing to wait. Anyway, in the 11 days after i placed the order, two things happened. First, new egg's prices went down a bunch on one of the items. Second, qbitpc changed the pricewatch description of the other (an msi g3t2), removing mention of the 3d glasses. So i called and had someone check on the glasses and sure enough, they are "no longer included." Anyway, i have no great need for the glasses but their price with them was only a few dollars more than others w/o (except they were really without) ...and i am always thinking of resale value. Long story short, i cancelled my order with them and placed it with newegg.