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Quadro !!

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Jun 20, 2001
Hi, I am new here. I was wondering whether what kind of GeForce can be used to modify to a Quadro ?. Can someone tell me more about Quadro ?. I am still very blur with this Geforce and Quadro thing. I was thinking of getting a GeForce card so please name me one and one that can become Quadro. Thanks guys !
I have a Elsa Erazor ( 32 mb Geforce 256 DDR ) modifed to a Quadro using the information Here . The Quadro modification I use is not switchable between Gefore and Quadro modes. The information provided by KILLorBE allows you to do this. I personally find stability is better when not using the switch.

The Quadro is Nvida's professional graphic chipset and converting the geforce to display as this card gives improvements details of which can be found with the information on doing the modification.
I would however suggest that you improve the cooling of the card and relocate the power source for the fan if this is on the Geforce card as they draw a lot of power through the AGP slot and this only adds to the problem.

I use Elsa cards as they are good quality and dont seem to mind a high FSB.. but this is just my personal opinion
Does that mean i will just have to take off that resistor from the actual place and then solder it back to another place ?. Anything that I have to be more careful with ?. Thanks a lot for the help !
yep that's all, but when you do the mod make sure you've got some 10K SMD resistors (from an old MOBO,HDD or something like that) cuz it might be a real pain to get these things off.
You'll also need NVIDIA drivers you can get them here.

Good luck soldering