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Quake III @ 2048x1536 32bit

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
Ever since I've had my Hercules Geforce3 my opinions of it have been forever increasing. Yesterday, I thought I'd try something insane just for laughs. I thought I would try upping the resolution of Quake3 to 2048x1536 since my monitor can do it.

Because of memory bottlenecking I was sure that my pc would freeze when I did this. It didn't. The cursor glided across the screen nicely. I loaded up a skirmish with a couple of bots and wham! It worked!

Quake3, high quality settings at 2048x1536 32bit ran around a playable 40-50fps!

I have included a guenuine 2048x1536 Q3 screenshot which unfortunately had to be seriously compressed for all the 56k users.
Killer screen shot. Ahhhh, how I miss Q3. Never fear I get my new PIII tonight and a fraggin I will go......

Maybe one day I can shell out the $$$ for a G3 card......
The thing is that the picture I've posted doesnt do any justice to the quality
that 2048x1536 offers. I've been playing about with all the settings to get
the best picture quality.

The best I've found so far is...

Quake3 Max Quality 2048x1536 @ 32bit 4x4 Anti-aliasing
64-Tap Trilinear Ansitropic Filtering (This canes the GF3 but looks amazing)

I've retaken a screenshot in Quake3, this ones from the Nvidia Bunker level.
Because its so massive I haven't put it in a viewable box. You can download
it from the link below though... (~400kb)

Trust me, if you play in >= 640x480
all the time, you have to see this...Quake3.zip
If you think Quake3 is getting a little old, how about a screenshot
of Tribes 2 at a whopping 1920x1440 @ 32 Bit all settings maxed!

Grab the file now ... Tribes2.zip
my hercules prophet 2 ultra oced and tweaked to max did about 45 fps i was seeing in q3 maxed out
Is the Geforce3 really worth it? I think you should overclock the tbird so you can get another couple frames 50-60fps at 2024x1536 is impressive!
Yeah, i know about that. One of the problems with
the Geforce3 is that because the card is so good
the bottleneck becomes the cpu/ram etc. From the
results I've seen on the net, ive seen an increase of
around 10-15% of fps at extreme resolutions. I cannot
overclock my cpu yet for two reasons...

1...My cpu is LOCKED and this means I can only overclock
through FSB. I have a KT7 Mobo (It means I can hit at most
107FSB stable even with SERIOUS air cooling)
2...I have a very weak power supply that barely copes at the moment.

Oh yeah and the monitor I have can do these refresh rates at these high
resolutions with my 19" Iiyama Vision Master Pro 451 monitor...
1600x1200 @ 90Hz (And damn it looks good)
1920x1440 @ 75Hz
2048x1536 @ 72Hz

BTW Jason...Did you get 45fps in Q3 at 2048x1536 or was it 1600x1200? If so what the heck have you overclocked your Geforce Ultra to?!?
Can't overclock? Ha! Visit the Athlon overclockers forum. About 3 minutes with a conductive pen and you can have your TBird unlocked - do the ole L1 bridge connection, and the multiplier is yours to modify! There is no trick to this; it's fairly simple. You have a KT7, so it's a prime OCing board. set the multiplier through Abit's convenient SoftMenu. I can almost guarantee 1.3 GHz out of a 1.1 with decent cooling. Add a new power supply while you're at it. The whole process will take maybe fifteen minutes and VOILA! You have you some free speed! If you don't have any idea what you're doing, take the time to read over the How-tos here on OCers.com. It'll be well worth your time.

Happy fragging!

BTW: That's a pretty nice screenshot man! I just got my Leadtek GF2 Ultra in the mail, and I'm sure I'll be hanging my head in shame when I compare to that! heh....
EHh don't cry !!!! G2 Ultra will do you just fine........ If you have good monitor that can REFRESH above 80 mhz at those RES than its good, but anything below 75mhz will irritate your EYES .....I get above 60 fps in Q3 at everthing MAX at 1600x1200.. But my monitor refreshes at 75 mhz, that is why I don't usually play at 1600x1200......... I can't stand anything below 100 maybe 90 mhz refresh .. Next time I will buy better monitor, but for now I can't complain 19 " P92 imb stealth black with trinitron screen ....... sweet