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Question abotu Switch - Switch.

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Feb 16, 2002
Ok, I've got a Router/Switch, it's got an Uplink port. If I were to buy another Switch I would hook them up VIA their Uplink ports ? If so, say I had 4 computer hooked to the 1st switch and 4 hooked to the 2nd Switch, and lets also say I was transfering files from each 4, to the other 4, using 400mbit, if it's going through the Uplink port would that only allow 200mbit/sec ? or would it transfer @ 800mbit/sec ?

If I'm not clean just lemme know and I'll paint what I'm trying to describe. :)


p.s. switchs would be 10/100, but the box says it can do 20/200 "in full duplex mode"
Okay. First, I know you're using a linksys rounter on one. If you use the uplink port on the linksys router, you can't use port 1 on it as it will be disabled. And you don't connect the uplink to the uplink. You connect the uplink to a port on the second switch. Each uplink port goes into a regular LAN port, so you can actually have more than 2 routers/switches uplinked within your network. I would suggest getting a switch with more than four ports if you have more than 6 computers to network, or you want room for expansion. I'm not sure if other routers disable the port next to the uplink port when there's an uplink connection, but the linksys 4-port router does.
Computer<>Computer is Cross
Hub or Switch(regular port)<>Hub or Switch(regular port) is Cross
Hub or Switch(uplink port)<>Hub or Switch(regular port) is Straight

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